Johnny Nightwalker: Ringleader [Part 2]

“Let me deal with him,” said Chico as he sized up his opponent.
“Oh? You think you stand a chance, small fry?” Terry eyed the rat of a dog before him next to his human. “After I am done with you, I am going to make kibble out of your human.”
“You know, for a dog, you sure do talk a lot,” said Johnny.
Terry growled. “Watch your trap, boy or I’ll have to remove your testicles.”
Johnny shrugged. “You could try, but I kind of could destroy you…pretty easily.”
Terry foamed more at the mouth; frenzy was beginning to set in. “I’ll rip your ankles to shreds!”
Chico let out a few series of yaps and initiated a challenge to Terry. For a Chihuahua that was clearly outmatched by size, Johnny could tell he was no pushover. He dodged Terry’s lunges and other attacks easily. He nipped at the bigger dog’s ankles and went for his tail. Terry yelped and then furiously swatted the small pup away, sending the Chihuahua rolling across the floor. Chico returned to his feet and charged the fast approaching terrier. He slid underneath the black and white terror and nipped at his throat. Terry used the advantage and crushed the small dog under him—smothering Chico who now struggled to get any air and break free.
“What’s the matter, runt? Running out of air is the least of your problems. Perhaps I should have you lick my balls and eat my ass.”
Terry snickered as Chico gasped for air and could feel his small body beginning to get crushed.
Johnny stepped forward. “Alright, that’s enough.”
The other dogs all snarled and growled at the boy.
“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll leave. You have no place here,” Terry snapped. “You can take your pathetic ‘guardian’s’ corpse when I am through with it.”
Terry then grabbed Chico by his throat and started to shake him viciously. Chico grunted and called for Johnny.
With his fists clenched Johnny yelled, “I SAID ENOUGH!”
Terry tossed Chico to the side and began eyeing his next opponent. “Let’s dance.”
Johnny watched as the black and white terrier circled him. “Not going to guard yourself? Shame. All bark, no bite.”
Johnny grinned. “You’re nothing compared to what I’ve been through—just another walk in the park.”
Terry growled and then began charging the boy.
Johnny effortlessly outmaneuvered the dog, mocking him.
“Stand still so I can rip your throat out,” Terry yelled.
After a few moments of dodging attacks, the other dogs began to criticize Johnny for not attacking Terry. Some called him a “Pussy!” while others chanted “Weak!” and a slew of other derogatory comments.
“I rather not have to PETA get all bent out of shape with me,” Johnny said as he dodged another attack.
“When I get a hold of you, I am going to make you bleed,” snarled Terry.
Chico called out to Johnny, “Just end it. You’ve more than proved yourself.”
Johnny nodded and reached out for Terry. He wrapped his arms around the dog and put it in a sleeper hold. The other dogs all barked, growled and shouted. Eventually, Terry passed out in Johnny’s arms.
Johnny whispered in the unconscious dog’s ear, “Be thankful I am merciful. Otherwise, I would have snapped your neck long ago.”
“Not bad, for a runt,” said Rottie as she approached Johnny and Chico. “You alright, kid. Come, let’s talk.”
The Rottweiler motioned for the boy and his dog to follow her to talk in private.
“Good job, kid. You gave quite the show,” said Chico.
Johnny grinned to himself.
“Now, we find out, friend or enemy,” said Chico as he set to follow Rottie.


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