Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: I Want Your Skull

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“He’s nearby. The tracks end around here,” a muffled voice said.

A little closer… DC 009’s weapons began to charge, readying their onslaught against his trackers.

“Weapons hot, we’ve got incoming!” another voice shouted.

Mechanical gears whirled and ground, giving away that 009 was, indeed, in the area.
009 closed his eyes. Brief visions of his mother and father flashed before his eyes. Whether it was an actual memory or if it was just the programming…it mattered not to him now. It won’t be long now. I only hope you can get here in time. I’ll try to hold out until then.


Elsewhere, the Bear God and his comrades, all rushed to where the Bear God had a feeling, and where he was being led to by some unseen force.

There was a sense of urgency gnawing at him. “We need to pick it up!” The group then doubled their pace. It wouldn’t be too long now.


Lasers, rockets, and machine gun fire erupted in the silence of the night in the Wasteland. The pale moon was the backdrop of rockets bursting in air, while lasers and plasma beams shot from all sides. 009 had fully charged up his attack, and he was giving the SS hell. They all ran, darted, and evaded as much as they could possibly.

Ricochet deflected rockets with ease, while Blitzkrieg rushed for 009. Unleashing a barrage of his own rockets, lasers and more. 009 dodged the angry German as he could hear him cursing from within his power armor in something foreign. From a ridge, Sniper Coyote provided ranged support to Cid who charged 009 and attempted to grapple with him hand to hand. 009 toppled the power armored Ghoul and set about disabling his core. The Twins, Leo and Lara, morphed into their fabled wolf and attempted to attack. They knocked 009 over and tried to go for his throat but he put the Twins in the dirt. They then morphed into a serpent and burrowed underground, wagering a surprise attack.

009 decided now would be a good time to put up his force field, and started to emit an EMP to disable most of the SS that were dependent on their power armor units. Sandman sat far away in the back, watching, waiting. He knew that 009 was not the only danger that was before them.Richochet shot a few rounds and got some lucky crits that made the forcefield not last so long.

Then, Caboose came charging in with his power armor that was immune to EMPs. “CHOO CHOO, MOTHER FUCKER!” He knocked 009 off his feet and sent him rolling across the field.

There are too many of them. Argh. 009 grunted. He was spending his energy reserves and ammo faster than anything, and the SS he could tell, was not even trying. Dammit, where are you? He thought of only one thing, survival. “Initiating Survival Sequence, 0H-5H1T.” In an instant, 009’s defenses went into overdrive, and he began to glow a dark red.

“Everyone, he’s popped his cooldown, be careful,” Ricochet announced to the other SS members over his Pip-Boy radio.


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