Quick Blurb

Greetings on this beautiful Friday, folks.
I’ve been busy doing outlines for some new projects, while also doing the posts for The Bear God, Bob, and Johnny. Those will be up either tonight or tomorrow at the latest.
Some good news, I will be getting the next book in The Lodestone Files series ready. It will be a bit longer than the first, and honestly, I am happy with how it’ll turn out in whole. It’s a fun story and an equally fun tale to tell.
Also, World of Warcraft’s new expansion is releasing soon. I am sure some Alliance folk are most likely tired of me and my guildmates stomping them in at the Demon Invasion sites, and as usual, I get some very lovely hate mail. I love it. Thanks for the fun and feedback guys. It makes me love you all so much.
I look forward to this new expansion and the content that is coming with it. Sadly, I won’t be able to go balls out grinding as much as I’d like…but I’ll make an effort. Life first, and then play after all.
I wish you all a great weekend. Right now, I am getting us some tasty pizza. 😉

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