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[A holotape plays, displaying various persons and their corresponding names. A dark voice narrates the tape.]
Meet the members of the Toymaker’s SS (alternatively, Simpleton Squad. However, the ‘members’ have never been informed of the actual title of the squad.).

Name: Ricochet
The Boss”
Big Boss”
The Man”
Race: Human/Caucasian
Age: 46
Height: 6’3”
Hair: Brown
Eye: Blue
Bio: A skilled marksman that never misses a shot (even if it looks like he does). He likes to make use of ricocheting bullets off surfaces. A former Minutemaid Man, and trained by Orson Orwellson in the Minutemaid Men division of the East Coast Regiment. He rose up quick in the ranks and became an elite member of the Minutemaid Special Forces.
He was betrayed by Orson, given to the notorious Raider “Jimmie Dean” at the abandoned sausage manufacturing facility. During an assault on the Raider hideaway by the Toymaker and his creations, Rico fought against his mentor in a duel and lost. He was left to die near the slag pit, where he was found severely burned, missing his right arm, eye, and leg.
He has an insatiable thirst for vengeance against Orson, who has never been found since then. Not even by the Toymaker’s wandering Wasteland probes.
He wears dark camo and a respirator and also has a double functioning prosthetic arm and leg. His new optical eye also allows him a battlefield advantage.
He is the leader of the SS. He has failed the Toymaker once, and as a result lost half of the original team.

Name: Caboose
Aliases“The Pain Train”
Race: Human/Black
Age: 41
Height: 6’7”
Hair: Black
Eye: Green
Bio: A heavily armed and mobile power armored combatant. Caboose is a real DIY power armor engineer and scientist. He once created a Mirelurk with Shalphins (mutated sharks and dolphins) that had lasers on its head.
Originally a Scavenger, he took up an application for recruitment to join the Toymaker’s workforce. Noting his brilliant mind and creativity, the Toymaker placed him in Bioengineering, but later took note of his combat prowess and made him part of his newly created elite squad.

Name: Blitzkrieg
Aliases“The Lone Gunslinger”
The Angry German”
Sour Kraut”
CatchphraseSomething in German.
Race: Human/???
Age: 43
Height: 6’2”
Hair: Blond
Eye: Blue
Bio: Not much is known about the origins of the silent German gunslinger. He is a tactical genius that assaults quickly and relentlessly. None of the other members can replicate his fighting style; not even The Twin Snakes, and they’re perfect.
Blitzkrieg is a mystery, even to the Toymaker. He just showed up randomly one day and pledged fealty to the Toymaker. Upon testing, he was given the role of tactician of the SS, an honor he took willingly.
He is constantly shrouded by darkness, even under dramatic lighting. He has bandages that cover his person head to toe, except for his eyes and small tufts of hair that pop out.
Blitzkrieg is working for an unknown force…but you don’t know that.
He also likes guns and blowing things up.

Name: Sandman
Aliases“The Boogeyman”
The Grim Reaper”
Race: ?????/?????
Age: ???
Height: 6’4”
Hair: ????
Eye: Red
Bio: Sandman is an enigma, even to his comrades. He is a creation, made by the evil Toymaker, and one of his most loyal soldiers. He is a shadowy cloaked figure that could be described as Death personified. The exact origins and creation specifications for Sandman have been archived and can only be accessed by the Toymaker.
Sandman can put his enemies to sleep in ranged and melee range. He can kill enemies in their sleep, and can also extract information from their minds through their dreams. He can inflict fear, horror, sorrow, sadness as well as joy, happiness, and other emotions. One of his favorite pastimes is making people kill themselves through influence and a speech check.

Name: Haley
Aliases“Sniper Coyote”
The Dame Who Kills”
Race: Human/Caucasian
Age: 24
Height: 5’5”
Hair: Brown
Eye: Hazel
Bio: Haley is the subject of affection with the Toymaker. Taken by the Toymaker at a young age, she started to develop some feelings for the man that helped raise her. She is fully aware that the Toymaker killed her parents, siblings, neighbors, and friends. She is the last member of her Russian family that defected to the US long ago.
She was trained to be proficient with guns, sniper rifles, hand to hand combat, knives, and more. She became fascinated with sniper rifles and caring for the Toymakers pet coyotes and wolves; which were later objects of the Toymaker’s first round of reconditioning. The few that survived were given to her to control.
An excellent assassin, she has a burning passion for luring men, killing them and sometimes eating their hearts out.
She also likes to dress like a goth.

Name: Cid
Aliases: “Hannibal”
The Thing”
Race: Ghoul
Age: ???
Height: 6’1”
Hair: ???
Eye: Natural Eye Color Unknown. Currently—Black.
Bio: Cid is a Ghoul that eats other Ghouls, men, women, children, monsters, anything. He also can string parts together and reanimate people through the use of science. Provides intelligence; of which, he gets smarter by devouring the brains of those he consumes. Typically, silent because he is always looking to be ahead of the game. Is crazy.
Cid prefers to use ranged radiation and laser weapons. He also uses a power armor suit that is outfitted with extensive defensive capabilities. Also has a nuke strapped to his power armor’s backpack that he can launch from far away distances. No, it’s like crazy range far. However, he left that at home…

Name: Leo/Lara

Aliases: “The Twins of Destruction”
The Twin Snakes”
“The Terrible Twins of Death (Les Jumeaux Terribles de la Mort)”
Race: Level 5 Synthetic Human
Age: Lab Created
Height: 6’2” [Leo] 5’6” [Lara]
Hair: Black [Leo] Red [Lara]
Eye: Cybernetic Optical Eye; Eye color changes randomly based on current mood.
Bio: Leo and Lara are the remnants of the old-world. A brother and sister who were cryogenically frozen and found by the Toymaker, and his…partner at the time…Mr. Freeze-Goode. They were deteriorating since their vaults cryogenics system had started to fail, resulting in tissue and organic matter beginning to break down. The Toymaker removed their brains and implanted them in new synthetic human prototypes he had developed for a project he was working on to help preserve himself.
As a result, Leo and Lara were successful in assimilating their new mechanical components. Over time, he improved them, from levels one to four. He eventually created a fifth level to have synthetic humans be replicated completely, down to their DNA makeup; except without all the flaws.
Leo and Lara are extremely close. They both share memories of a life long ago and are never found separate from one another. They are both very in tune with one another, which offers a tremendous advantage on the battlefield. Lara is modeled to be a red-headed young woman, with a fiery spirit. While her brother is a silent sentinel, who strikes unknowingly and quietly.
They are a super power armor user; where one faces forward and while the other is faces reverse. As a result of their memories, and computer component composition, Leo and Lara are masters of everything. Their power armor can transform into various forms, such as a battle tank, a super power armor unit capable of space flight and orbital striking capabilities, a wolf, a spider, and can also split to form two separate units. There are also rumors of other transformations; however, they’re just rumors…for now.

[This completes the holotape playback. Have a good day.]


DC 009 had stopped running. He looked around the barren wasteland that stood between him and his pursuers.

I guess it’s time… DC 009 cloaked himself, blending in with the surroundings. If you want me, you’re gonna have to try real hard.


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