Johnny Nightwalker: Ringleader [Part 1]

Johnny and Chico walked the dark streets, towards where the supposed dog fight was to be held. After traveling through several alleys and over, under, and through different kinds of fences, they made it to the abandoned fish cannery on the shore
“This place? They have dog fighting matches here,” Johnny asked his pup.
“Don’t let the outside fool you. There’s more to it than meets the eye,” said Chico.
“What, is it going to transform into a giant robot?” Johnny snidely remarked.
Chico rolled his eyes and kept walking towards the cannery entrance.
Past the entrance was a path that led ‘visitors’ to an underground arena. Dogs of all varieties crowded the place. Up on a makeshift throne, there sat prominently a Rottweiler, with a black and white terrier below them.
A pair of Doberman ‘guards’ stopped Johnny and Chico. “No humans.”
“It’s OK, this one is alright,” said Chico.
“I don’t care if you know the boss, Chico. Rules is rules,” said one of the Doberman’s.
Chico stared at the Doberman hard and sternly said, “Then have the boss come over…”
One of the Doberman’s hesitated and looked to the other. “Do you really wanna go and bring the boss in? She’d probably rip their throat out, and then ours.”
“Rules is rules. They’re to be followed, obeyed,” said the other Doberman.
“Just like a good dog,” said Johnny.
The commotion in the arena all died down to a silence. All eyes were on Johnny and Chico. Chico had a slight grin on his little Chihuahua mug.
A booming voice came over the PA. “What do we have here? A human? In my arena? There are consequences for this insolence…”
Dogs began making way for the massive Rottweiler.
“Who might you be,” asked Johnny.
“I’m the one who asks the questions around here, squirt,” said the Rottweiler. She looked down at Chico with disgust. “You…you of all should know better to bring a human here.”
“I know and I do. I don’t regret my decision. However, you would do best to hear him out. After all, you’re talking with a human…” Chico said smugly.
“Do you think I care that a runt can understand and talk to us? Give me a reason why I shouldn’t tear your throats out right here, right now,” said the Rottweiler.
“Because he is the one allied with Red,” said Chico, “and he’s a handler.”
Growls, whispers, and more began to rush through the crowd. ”
The Rottweiler began to pace around Chico and Johnny. “A handler in my arena? How fortunate…” The dog stopped and barked out a name, “Terry!”
“Yes, Rottie?” a voice obediently replied.
“Make quick work of them.” Rottie snarled as she walked away from Chico and Johnny.
Terry bared his fangs at the two before him. “Nice meeting you, boys…and now it’s time to say goodbye.”


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