Johnny Nightwalker: Truth [Part 3]


Johnny awoke to the sound of an incessant alarm clock. He lazily rolled over and smacked it until it turned it off. He rolled back to his back, staring up at the white ceiling. He sighed, wanting to close his eyes and just sleep for a little bit more.
“Are you just going to sleep all day, or are you going to do something worthwhile?” a foreign Spanish accented voice asked.
Johnny’s eyes shot open, and he sat up in bed. “Who’s there?”
He looked down at his legs and noticed Chico, his Chihuahua sitting…staring up at him.
“It’s me, Johnny,” said the dog with its head cockeyed, “Chico.”
“Chico? You…you can talk,” asked Johnny.
Chico rolled his eyes. “Yeah, and you can understand me.”
Johnny nodded.
“Well, then, are you exactly aware of what you’ve gotten yourself in to?” Chico asked before he started to bite his hind quarters.
“Yeah, and I’ve started to have nightmares…of a lab, other kids, animals,” said Johnny with a solemn expression on his face.
Chico nodded, “It’s probably the suppressed memories that are seeping through the implanted ones. Besides, you’ve also had contact with Jerry’s spirit and there are other animals that have your support.”
“What about you?”
Chico sighed. “Well, Jefe I happen to be your guardian. I swore to oversee your development and report once you became aware of who…what you are.”
Johnny stared hard at Chico, debating what course of action he could take in the event he was to be sold out. “Are…you going to turn me in then?”
Chico shook his head. “No. I no longer want to have any part of the project.” Chico looked up at Johnny, “However, I did decide that I will stay with you—to see you through all this.”
Johnny withheld a grin. “So what of my parents then?”
“They’re defectors. They, along with a few others, were the ones responsible for saving you and the others. However,” Chico sighed, “they’ve been tracked, and it’s only a matter of time.”
“A matter of time until what,” asked Johnny.
“Until they find us, Johnny, you and me,” said Chico.
Johnny looked around, searching for something. An answer? Help? Something. “Alright then, what can I do to help?”
Chico gave a slight chuckle, “We make friends, Jefe. We make friends and establish who is friend or foe.” Chico then slid down off the bed and set off to walk out of Johnny’s room. “Get yourself dressed. We have a dog fight to attend.”


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