Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: No Rest for the Wicked

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As the Bear God (Sin) sat, surrounded by his comrades and followers, he couldn’t help but sense impending danger. Something, somewhere, there was a threat that was heading for him and the others. Normally, he’d shrug it off as constipation, gas, or some other bodily function dilemma, but this…this was something truly different.
He began to focus on the feeling, then it evolved into a troubling gut sensation. As a precaution, he took some antacids. However, it didn’t change the feeling. He felt as if someone was searching for him, wanting to warn him. He concentrated harder.
Not too far away…
Then there was another feeling that came to him.
What the hell is it with all the feels? Seriously…
The Maker decided to help enlighten our savage savior. (who was…is…still enjoying his human form.) You have to find him.
It’s a giant mechanical Deathclaw. He’s currently being pursued, and he has some lovely news for you. Oh, and also your place is about to blow up.
The Bear God shot up and shouted, “Everyone, get to the underground passage, immediately! There’s no time to waste!”
“What? What the hell is going on?” Rubricon asked.
“There’s no time to explain—”
“GET TO DA TUNNEL,” Kronam yelled, “RUN! DO IT! DO IT NOW!
With haste, everyone escaped safely through the underground passage, leading them to the outskirts of Green Acres. As they cleared the tunnel, there was a sudden burst of energy; a laser beam zapped the settlement, causing it to explode; smoke billowed to the heavens.
“My disciples, get the rest to safety. Go to Sanctuary and stay there,” The Bear God said.
Rubricon approached Sin, “What the hell is going on? What just happened there?”
“I don’t know and I don’t like it,” said Sin.
“Well? Do you have a clue?” Rubricon inquired.
Sin stared off into the distance. “Only that the Maker gave me the warning. I had this feeling…in my gut.”
“So…constipation, gas, anything…” stated Rubricon.
Sin started to head off. “Out there, something…someone…is coming. I think we need to get moving and fast.”
“Alright guys, it’s time for a road trip!” Ben piped.


“You fools! How could you have let him get away!” a shadowy figure scolded his minions at a large control panel. The monitor displayed the ruins of the settlement where the Bear God and his followers were at.
“I apologize, sir. It seemed like he got tipped off. Somehow,” a figure in an elaborate raider mask and bandages that radiated a yellow aura replied.
The shadow spat on the floor. Curse you, Maker… “Excuses.” The figure then turned to another monitor that tracked a series of dots that closed in on another dot. So many dots. Could there be more dots?
He changed the screen at the push of a button. The screen now displayed a giant mechanized Deathclaw running while a series of figures gave chase.
They better contain that monstrosity, Toymaker. For your sake. For now, I’ll deal with you soon…Bear God.


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