What's Coming Up?

Hello, everyone.
This post is just a brief update of what’s going to be coming up the week of August 1, 2016.
I will be releasing new posts of The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God and The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal, leading up to its conclusion by the end of this year. Following it will be some posts with Johnny Nightwalker.
Honestly, Bob was never meant to become a long-running story. Since its inception, I have already had the end for him planned out. So, I hope the closing episodes are something you will all enjoy. It was meant to be a story that explored suicide; an idea I had when I came home with the sudden picture of a dad sitting down at the dinner table, slitting his throat in front of his family. From there, the story spawned and well…it’s been a ride. Short, but sweet. A bit tarty, I like it.
Johnny Nightwalker is in its infancy. There is a far grander scale of a story to be told, which will probably turn into a long running one. You’ll see how it all unfolds. Don’t worry.
The Wasteland Bear God was originally something that was meant to be for fun. Whimsical, asinine, fubar, degenerate, really…stupid. However, I ended up exploring some other writing styles, storytelling methods (like the holotapes, flashbacks & memories, etc.) and eventually…the story was writing itself. Of course, I have planned arcs of where I need to step in, but all in all…this is a story that will run for a little while longer.
What I would like to do next is start doing some art for the three titles, so that’s something I am going to be involved in. I love it, and yet, I also hate it. If anything, though, it’s practicing my unused skills that have collected so much dust it’d make a Dyson (or Kirby) faint (and possibly explode). I had originally conceived the idea of Nightwalker as a comic, with my friend Joe. It was also supposed to be more satirical, and a dark comedy involving a kid getting bullied by animals. I’ve changed that to what it will become. For all I know, I may still do the other variation; just it won’t involve Johnny being the Nightwalker in it.
As for heroes and villains…well, I have a plethora of stuff that is being done (and needs to be done) that I am still juggling around. I have outlines upon outlines, enough to make you sick. I suppose, though, that’s part of the fun. In the end, it’s what I love to do and well…I love it. My only problem is not having enough hands or any clones on call to write the stuff up. That would be a great help.
OK, so that turned out to be more than just a quick update. My bad.
Anyway, until next time, everyone. Enjoy your weekend!
P.S. For you DC Comics fans… Suicide Squad is coming. 😉

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