Johnny Nightwalker: Truth [Part 1]

After several moments of being told how he was part of a government experiment, like Jerry and a handful of others, and how a lot of animals were also subjects to different testings, mind swapping, and other unorthodox methods, Johnny’s head began to hurt. A lot.*
“So, they aren’t my real parents, I’ve had false memories implanted, and I am some kind of government experiment?”
Red nodded, “Aye.”
“And Jerry was also an experiment but was deemed faulty, so he killed himself?”
Red nodded again, “Aye.”
“You know that all sounds really messed up, right?”
Red cocked his head to the right, “Yer the one who’s talkin’ to animals…”
“Point taken,” Johnny sighed. “It seems like a bunch of fictional bullshit.”
Red chuckled, “An’ yet here we are havin’ this lil’ talk an’ yer still talkin’ to a squirrel.”
“The other people…who are animals now, where are they?”
Red pondered on the question, scratching his head. “Some…ah, some are friendly if ye will. Like my lads an’ myself. Not all of what you see here are people as squirrels. We just happen to speak their language…like you do with us. The others who were criminals were experimented on. Ya know fodder for progress. A lot of folks perished when the base was destroyed by a radical group, including any hopes of us havin’ our bodies back.”
Red and the others all dropped their heads.
“However, we figured we’d make light of the situation an’ seek out the kids who were leftover. We ended up findin’ you an’ Jer…but well; Jer couldn’t quite handle the pressure, plus there’s some belief that he was forced to kill himself by another handler or somethin’.” Red took a deep breath in after sighing. “The kids, they were supposed to be a bridge to gap humans an’ animals. The ultimate tool for warfare. Manipulate the animals into sacrificin’ themselves, while the handler could exercise their enhanced abilities from afar.” Red shrugged. “Well, that was the idea anyway. Their hypothesis was that by doing some minor genetic modification, an’ brain infusion of several kinds of species, that the handler, you, could unite not only humans but animals as well. At least somethin’ like that.” Red chuckled. “Ha, their presentation that suckered a lot of us was a lot better, let’s just say.”
Johnny rubbed his head. “That sounds almost as asinine as the finding out that I’m adopted with fake memories, and a government experiment.”
“Aye, well, it gets worse. The ones that escaped—the other animals—well…they’re local an’ they don’t play nice. There are also a few unstable handlers out there too. A lot of them want one thing, revenge, an’ they don’t care who gets in the middle of it. They want to make sure that they’re left kept secret an’ won’t think twice on endin’ yer life, short round.”
Things slowly started to make sense to Johnny. His dream and the disembodied voice of Jerry…all of it.He realized what—no, who he was destined to become.
“Alright then, where do I start?” Johnny said determinedly.
Red grinned. “Glad to have ya join us, lad.”

*What happened is Johnny, and other kids were created via test tube babies at a top secret location by the US government. These children would grow and be brainwashed by the government, destined to become killing machines without a soul, no train of thought, and to act only in accordance of the current Commander-in-Chief.
The kids have false memories implanted and are stationed with sleeper cell agents. Should they ever be compromised, they are ordered to terminate the child [handler] and themselves.
Animals were also subjects in this experiment along with hardened criminals and random John and Jane Doe civilians. They’ve been stripped of their memories and only have an emptiness inside. Those that do know of their former life [like Red] are more stable and in tune with a nearby handler. Not all the animals that exist are people stuck in an animal’s body or vice versa. A modified animal can attune to their species, and the handler can understand other animals as if they were to speak to you in person, usually.
Handler was the name given by the scientists that organized the project. They were originally supposed to bridge the gap between man and beast. A missing link/connection to our primal selves. Some are given powers in regards to what sector they’d be assigned to, defined by the natural habitat. Such an example would be spider silk abilities, super strength and endurance, sea creature communication, flight, chameleon camouflage, and more. Only two handlers were subject to the Omega Protocol in the project.
A coup was staged to destroy the base, and free the children by a faction of employees and conspirators that tried spreading the project details online. Other third parties wanted to secure the assets for military purposes. Unfortunately, during the insurgence, many children were killed, along with many animals, criminals, personnel, and more. It was covered up by the government as nuclear power plant meltdown. The site was detonated beyond recognition.



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