Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: Contingency Plan DC

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“You fools! You good for nothing idiots!” The Toymaker yelled as he paced in front of his soldiers.
“Sir, everything we did was in the correct order and followed procedures. He just…woke up.” A guard chimed.
“Woke up? WOKE UP!? How does a ROBOT wake up when it was supposed to be dead?!” The Toymaker gazed fiercely into the guard’s eyes.The Toymaker took a step back and rubbed his hands through what remained of his hair, and over his head. He then clenched his hands, then proceeded to start counting under his breath. He took in a deep breath and approached the guard again. “For your outburst and failure to dispose of 009 properly, you are going to be my newest subject for the Wastelander Genome Project.”
The guard panicked, as others turned their gaze to him. “Sir, I..”
The Toymaker put a finger up to the guard’s lips. “Ah, ah, ah, sh—sh—sh. No. Accept your fate and your role. Think of it as a…promotion.” He motioned the other guards to take him away. “009…cannot fall into the wrong hands. If he gets help, if he gets to the Wasteland Bear God.” The Toymaker mumbled to himself.
A guard that was staring at a screen called for the Toymaker. “Sir, we have visual confirmation. 009 has cleared the premises and is heading to the mainland.
The Toymaker clenched his eyes shut and gritted his teeth. “Send out the SS.”
“Sir? Are you sure?” the guard replied.
“Yes, it’s time they get some action after their…mishap. Let’s see if they can redeem themselves.”
The guard nodded. “Yes sir, right away.” The guard shot up and ran over to a console that was labeled as “Contingency plan DC.” He muttered a few things off and scanned his fingerprint. After a hiss and a whirl, an alarm sounded to vacate the area on level 13B.
A darkened screen lit up on the level. Several entities cloaked in darkness emerged. One in a mask breathed heavily into the microphone and stared at the screen. “Toymaker, it’s good to see you again. I trust you’re in need of our…services.”
The Toymaker grinned in reply. “Yes, and I do believe that you all have learned your lesson.”
“Yes, sir. There will be no more contradictions, complications, or anything that would otherwise jeopardize the mission.”
“Good. The mission details are being uploaded to your Pip-Boys now. Get out there and go make daddy proud.” The toymaker said grinning.
“Understood. Ricochet out.” The screen then went completely black.
The toymaker stood looking at the blank screen. “Make sure you keep track of them. Any sign of them…trying anything funny. Neutralize them.”
A guard nodded, “yes sir,” and then set off for the control room to oversee the mission.
009 will not fall into his hands. If the ABG hears of this, I could be in real trouble. Though, he’s of no concern to me anyway. Plus I suppose what mama doesn’t know won’t hurt her. He silently grinned to himself.

The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God is an ongoing A.B.Normal Publishing exclusive story by Robert J. S. T. McCartney. Check here for more posts!

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