The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: Fourth of July Spectacular, Horrible, Special

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It was an old tradition, revered from the times of old, from when the ancestors celebrated their independence. When the original colonies became recognized as the newly independent nation, the United States of America.
A long tale of history which would be recycled content for those who lived in the age leading up to the rebirth of civilization. This date would be a memory, a fashion trend, lost to the history books and only remembered when it came to getting a day off from work, and making fools of themselves by setting small grade explosives on fire, and well. Being fools.
Some still cling to the tradition, those who still have pride in their country. For others, it fuels the war machine, against the Ghouls, the Synths, Hybrids, and then some. It’s a part of some factions political agenda, while others. They live. They live to survive and make peace with those who are struggling in the wasteland for the same thing.
In this time, a relic from an ancient civilization has risen from the ashes and has given hope to the denizens of the Wasteland. His name has spread across the Commonwealth, to the far reaches of the North, the South, the East, and the West. He and his band of followers are the light in the darkness, the candle in the wind. He inspires others to make a stand for themselves, and their freedom. For if they were oppressed, they should kick their oppressor right in the nutbag or ass.
He has fought countless battles, both alone and alongside his comrades. His quest for his lost love and vengeance against those responsible for his imprisonment.
Sin, the Wasteland Bear God, and his friends celebrate their latest victory against the villainous Diana…er…Diablo, the Prime Evil of Hell. He also celebrates the reunion of his lost son, Dante. Ben celebrates his freedom of breaking free from the darkness that plagues his heart. Meanwhile, Rubricon quietly celebrated being back to his human self once more.
Together, the band eats a feast with the followers of the Bear God. They watch the tradition of old take place, the launching of red, blue, white, and other colored rockets that explode in the night sky. Their hearts and their chests swell with pride. Sin pets his dog companion as he watches it tear at a meat of a Brahmin steak.
He looks around and sees his comrades, his son, dog, and followers. For a moment, he feels alright. That at this moment he can live in peace. Still, his heart burns…fiery and wrathful. He closes his eyes and envisions his lost love.
Soon, I’ll have you back in my arms soon.
For this moment, though, he will suffice with this celebration.


Elsewhere, an eye fixated on the encampment where the Bear God and others rested up and celebrated, an eye that was ready to blink. For when it would be ready to blink, death, destruction, and ruin would rain down on all those caught in its gaze.
“Yes, celebrate your victory, Bear God. Relish in the thought that you are mighty. You will soon fall by my hand. I will unleash Hell and the powers of the cosmos.” An evil snarl scrawled across the dark shade’s lips.
A ragged man rushed into the dark room and knelt behind the shade. “My Lord, we have made preparations. The Toymaker has readied the last of his army. He asks for your inspection.”
“Excellent. I will relay a message momentarily,” the shade replied.
The dark figure wandered over to a wall and removed a white sheet that covered a dark screen. “Toymaker, how fares your army’s preparation?”
A haggard man donning white, like some mad, evil scientist, with a green bowl covering the top of his skull came upon the screen. Tufts of white hair above his ears and the back of his head were every which way. Green goggles hid his eyes, giving them only a dim glow. “Ah, my friend…yes, yes, they are ready to be deployed. I need you only to inspect them for their integrity, and then I can start the field test.”
“Very well, I will be there shortly.” The shade gave a toothy grin in reply.
“Yes, very good. I look forward to your visit…Murdoch.” The Toymaker said with a smile, before cutting the transmission.
The shade walked away from the screen and walked past a table with an ornate book with indecipherable runes and words. He stroked the corners of the book lightly, the runes all aligned and formed the words The Diary of the Anti-Bear God. The figure gave a grin and left the room, leaving the runes to go back to their original form.

The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God is an ongoing A.B.Normal Publishing exclusive story by Robert J. S. T. McCartney. Check here for more posts!

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