It's Coming… The Kickstarter Lingers

Hello, everyone!
I have been busy tinkering with values regarding the Kickstarter and making sure you get more bang for your buck. I also included the per cost in shipping. I reiterated on the Kickstarter that it’ll be open to the world as far as shipping goes. I will be using USPS Priority Flat Rate for your protection and mine. I included the estimated shipping costs for the US, UK, EU, MX, and CA. For those that do not live in the US, UK, EU, MX, CA fear not. I will collect your payment via PayPal after the campaign concludes and I get an accurate representation of your shipping costs.
Prices have plummeted on rewards and some tiers were taken out. I decided to again include the cost of printing a limited run of Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle (the max tier is now $500, compared to $1,000).
This brought the funding goal up to $6,500. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll make it but I hope to be surprised. If anything, I’ll just try again afterward.
That’s about it. I am drafting a new post for Johnny Nightwalker and rubbing dead skin off my arms due to sunburn from two weeks ago. Needless to say, I am anxious to see this project succeed, but I am poised for if it fails.
I wish everyone a good night and a great start to a new week.
Also, enjoy this pic I did (Cthulu image is from the original Cthulu for President in Poland).

Satirical Political Campaign Cthulu for US President
Vote for the Greater evil! Vote Cthulu! #VoteforCthulu2016 #VoteCthulu #VoteforCthulu

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