Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: This Isn't Even My Final Form

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At that moment, where a giant, monstrous, rabid bear was coming right for my face. I felt a familiarity I couldn’t quite explain.

The surprise, I guess, finding out that your father (whom you expect to be a full grown man; with arms, legs, more humanlike?) is a bear…let alone the Bear God. In those few seconds, it felt pretty awesome, scary, anger, hatred, seething bloodlust—

“ARGH! You son of a bitch!” Dante yelled as he ran head on towards the rabid foaming Bear God.

I guess I never knew my father, truth be told. I only heard what my mother had said, shortly before they took her away. Then they said that he was the reason my mom and I were in the predicament we were in. He left us behind. He gave us up to the Black Council. All the horrible things that happened to me…to her…to us.

I am who I am because of the willpower I possess. That I vowed I would break free, and that I would find her, and make all those bastards pay for what they did to us…including my father.

Kid, I am telling you, honestly. Your dad, he’s not a bad guy. Why would you believe what some evil corporation said, let alone—or rather, mostly, programmed you into believing?

Dante fended off the Bear God’s massive attacks one by one. He could feel the anger and hatred that radiated off the beast.

Think about it. Your mother only recalled great times, memories that she wanted to have you all share. Why would she suddenly say otherwise? Unless they wanted you as a tool, a weapon in their arsenal against what remains of this world. You were just a pawn, Dante. Just like so many others.

The words had at first went in one ear and out of the other. However, Dante found himself questioning the alleged creator’s words.

What if he is right? What if I was just another pawn?

Holy shit, I think we might have a breakthrough here!

As the Bear God and Dante locked up, paw against sword. The Bear God pinned the stylish and agile warrior to the ground. Dante looked into his father’s eyes. He saw sadness, anger, and despair. He saw what he felt, how Dante felt when he was forced to abandon his mother in his attempt to free them from the Council. He saw he was like his father in almost every way.

Dante’s strength surged and caused him to push the mighty beast off him. The Bear God took a step back and readied himself for another onslaught. Diablo’s lips scrawled into a magnificent, malevolent grin.

“The kid’s going to get his ass rocked you guys.” Rubricon panted as he staggered to his feet.

“No, I sense something overly cheesy and dramatic is about to happen. Let him fight.” Kronam said.

“Guys, this isn’t even my final form,” Ben added.

Rubricon and Kronam looked at Ben. “Sometimes, you really are a clusterfuck of a mystery, Ben.”

“What can I say? I am a walking question mark.” Ben smiled.

“Yes, yes, beat your son into nothingness, Mighty Bear God. Serve your new lord and master! BE MY HAND THAT WALKS THE WASTELAND!” Diablo raised his hands into the air and laughed maniacally.

I am sorry…father. Perhaps, perhaps I should give you the chance to right the wrongs and to hear your side of the story.

Dante stabbed his sword into the ground beside him and addressed the Bear God before him. “Father, I know you’re angry. I, too, am angry, but we mustn’t fight one another. I…am your son.”

The Mighty Bear God charged towards Dante full speed. “Father! I know you…you…you will get to know me.”

Then the unthinkable happened. Everyone watched on as the Bear God collided with Dante. A blinding light flashed before them all. He was no longer in his Bear form. Clad in black leather and his ensemble, to what he last remembered looking before being imprisoned for so many years.  Tears streamed down the Bear God’s cheeks as he held his son close.

“My son… How I had always dreamt of this moment with your mother.”

Rubricon threw his hands up in the air. “Oh come fucking on?! Really? He gets to shapeshift perfectly back to a human, and I am stuck looking like this ridiculous…thing?!”

“You could look like him?” Kronam motioned his head towards Ben.

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?” Ben growled. “I don’t think I like you anymore, Kro.” Ben sniffled and hung his head dejectedly.

“I am sorry, father. I was told to believe what stories they had fed me.” Dante hugged his father.

“I know, but now you’re here, we are together, and we will get your mother back…together.” Sin pat his son’s back.

Diablo rolled his eyes. “This is all so very touching, but I do believe it is time for you all to die.”

Sin stood next to his son and picked up the demon sword and gave it to Dante. “It’s time to kick ass.”

Dante nodded.

Diablo sighed and rolled his eyes again. “Would you like to add in ‘and chew bubble gum, but you’re all out of gum,’ or something? I mean really…”

Rubricon, Ben, Kronam, Dante, and Sin all stood together. It was the portrait of a truly epic and legendary pose…before a great, immense, lengthy, and long drawn out fight sequence that could span for almost a season or two, with power ups, power attacks and so on that could last for episodes.

“Right, well then,” Diablo snapped his fingers. Several hundred portals opened up spewing forth demons and other hellspawn. “The Legion comes and with it, your demise!”

Sin stepped forth, taunting the towering hellspawn while hundreds of thousands of demons rained down all around them. “You fucked with the wrong family, Diana, and I am going to make sure you bite the pillow. Fair warning, though, I am not going to be gentle.”


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