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The Mighty Bear God scarfed his pizza down, leaving the others to only watch in awe. “Mmm mmm, oh man this is so good!”

Rubricon propped his head up with his hand and just watched the bottomless pit, grinder, eating machine of a bear put away Maker knows how much in food. “Sometimes. . .I really wonder why you don’t just fucking keel over dead. . .”
“Because I cannot die. Remember?” The Bear God replied, smacking his burly lips.
“For fuck’s sake man, chew with your mouth closed!” Rubricon said disgustingly.
Ben watched on, whether it was amazement or jealousy, no one could tell.
Kronam raised an eyebrow, and then leaned in close to Rubricon, “Does he always eat like this?”
Rubricon shook his head, “No, not always. . .if anything, this is actually pretty tame.” He then sighed as his mind recalled the other times he’s seen the Bear God eat worse than an animal. “Just be glad he’s not ‘cleaning’ himself.”
Kronam laughed and gave Rubricon a swift pat on the back, knocking him over.
“Well, I’m glad you two are buddies and now Dutch rudder lovers,” Sin said with a pizza filled grin.
Rubricon stumbled back up to his stool. “Shut up,” he said.
Ben began hearing some commotion nearby from some of the other patrons. Curious, he went closer to try and eavesdrop on their conversation.
“I’m telling you, it’s got to be that one guy who’s wanted by the council. What was his name. . .started with a D. . .”
“Are you crazy? Going after a bounty on someone as dangerous as that would be suicide! I mean, I don’t like this life, here in the Wasteland, but I sure rather be alive than dead.”
Ben approached the two patrons dressed in various scraps of leather and mismatched clothing. “Tell me, what bounty is this you speak of?”
One man looked up to Ben, peering under the brim of his cowboy hat. “Ah, hey, stranger. I see you are pals with the Bear God. That’s real nice. No, I was just saying that there’s a bounty for this guy who’s been going around stealing stuff from some council. There’s a hefty price tag on him. I dunno much about him other than that he’s dangerous, and while the caps are good. . .ain’t worth risking your life for.”
He handed Ben a wad of paper. “You are welcome to it, since you’re with him.”
Ben unwrapped the paper and looked at the image and studied it. “I will see to this, thank you.”
Krom had been explaining “What is best in life,” to the others when Ben had departed from the group. As Ben returned, he walked over to the others and gave the paper to Sin and Rubricon. “Would this be of any interest to you?”
Sin looked at the title and saw the word “BOUNTY.” He grunted in disapproval and shifted it to Rubricon and went back to eating his pizza. Rubricon looked it over and then studied the image of the man who was wanted.
“Sin. . .it’s Dante.”
In that moment, at the sound of his son’s name, the Mighty Bear God stopped eating.
“I need everyone to leave this table now. Clear the place out, pay our tab. . .and meet me on the road. Give me five minutes alone.”
“Are you—” Ben was interrupted.
“JUST DO IT! NOW!” Sin roared.
The patrons all left, the owner left, everyone had gone. Sin was left alone. He looked up at the neon cola clock that wagered him five minutes. He looked down at the picture of his wanted son on the flier.
Long dark black and silver hair, blue eyes. . .his mother’s eyes. . . A stupid grin, just like his old man.
Height. . .6′ 5″. Weight. . . I guess he grew up big like me too.
He scanned the bounty over.
“Wanted for crimes against the Black Council, The Brotherhood of Aluminum, Various Raider factions, Synths. What the hell have you been doing, Dante? You weren’t supposed to be the troublemaker. . .”
Sin brought the picture up to his forehead. “I am so sorry, my son.”
Soon, the tears began to flow. . .and so did the rage.
Outside, the group and other people heard as the Bear God savagely roared and tore the establishment apart.
“I feel for our friend,” Kronam said.
“As do I, Kro. . .as do I,” said Rubricon.
After the five minutes had passed, Sin had come outside. “We are going hunting,” he said sternly and kept on walking.
“Ah, a good hunt will be good,” Kronam said.
Sin had stopped in his tracks. “. . .for my son.” He then began to trek onward again, tucking the bounty in a pocket.
Kronam motioned to apologize, but Rubricon put a hand on his shoulder. “He knows your intention wasn’t ill, Kro. Don’t worry about it.”
Kronam nodded.
Ben walked behind the group slowly, if perhaps studying the Bear God. For him, Sin was still a mystery. He was also a source of great power, as were the others. Something within hinted at the thought of him killing them all and taking their powers, but he also could tell that there was something within that countered the very idea just as strong. He smiled his ghoulish smile and hurried up to the others.


Elsewhere, a cloaked man approached a harbor with a heavy knapsack filled with tomes, and other occult items. He slung the items down onto the floor and took a knee to catch his breath. “Don’t worry, mother, I will get you back soon, and I will make father pay for what he did to you. . .to me.”

The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God is an ongoing A.B.Normal Publishing exclusive story by Robert J. S. T. McCartney. Check here for more posts!

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