May the 4th Be With You. . .

It’s May 4th, which means one two a few things. It’s going to be Star Wars all day long, and we’re all going to enjoy it! It’s also the prelude to (Cinco De Mayo, obviously) Revenge of the Fifth Sixth (honestly, I do both, but whichever), so beware. Captain America: Civil War is also coming out soon too!
I’ll admit I was skeptical with the new movie, Episode VII: The Force Awakens, with the meh feeling I was left with in I – III. . .I felt the magic was gone, but honestly, it was definitely refueled with VIII. I like the secrecy with Rey’s parentage, the cameos, the notion of this being a space opera (because it is. . .). I reason with that, because yes, there are elements of episodes IV – VI there, but think about it. . .history repeats itself. . .events will be similar, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be exactly the same.
In any case, I felt this movie to be a vast improvement, and leave me wanting the sequels even more. I only hope they deliver and that it’s something that can continue.
To celebrate Revenge of the Sixth, I will be prepping to go see Captain America: Civil War, because that’s how I roll. Hopefully, I can get my friends to come down and we can all go see it (second time for me) the following week, but if not, oh well. No harm, no foul.
Which side am I? Personally, I like both Cap and Tony. . .but I also like Spidey. . . But truth be told, in the case of Red vs Blue, I always go red. . .and since Stark is red. . .and Spidey is on red. . . I am #TeamIronMan. I am going to enjoy the film though, and I hope others that do, do so as well.
Well, until next time. . . May the 4th be with you. . .always.

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