The Streets Are Littered With $20. . .but Be Careful!

It’s Monday in May. . .the first Monday in fact. Some may wonder what’s going on? Some may say that I’ve lost my touch. . . Nope, I haven’t. Trust me.
In any case of bewilderment, I have for you a newly shined, bowel formed, and pretty bow-tied present from the main ‘man’ of a phone itself. . .Sammy.
Go ahead, Sammy. Release the beast!

“There comes a time when (and where) you may find $20 on the street. Be wary, friend. I suggest so, for it may not just be a generous gift, by the likes in which you’ve found, but it could also be a trap. A trap I say! For lurking in the corners of the alley, there lie in wait, a pair of goons ready to take advantage of you. Not because of your newly acquired wealth, or if you’re a man. . .or a woman. . .or a child. No, because you now owe a debt—a debt to a man in an organization that does real bad wrong things.
Your refusal means your certain doom. While your agreement in the arrangement also signals further trouble.
So, tl;dr, leave that 20 spot on the ground. . .unless you’re ready to fight for that $20.
Oh, and it also could be a viral contaminant which results in a portion of the human race being wiped out. Either way, look both ways before crossing the street.”

Interesting. . . Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I am hungry. Who wants dinner?!
Check back for more but until then, take it easy.

Posts From Sammy is a new ongoing phone text flash fiction series by Robert J. S. T. McCartney at A.B.Normal Publishing. Since its inception, it has claimed the lives of over 100,000 rolls of toilet paper—shits not given.

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