Posts From Sammy

So here it is, it’s freshly brewed, squeezed, and hot off the press. It’s like having pancakes and waffles all at the same time, or rather they did a fusion (like from DBZ) and are all about ready to unleash hell upon your taste buds…except it’s going to be with your eyes.
OK, perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration but still…it’s here to stay, and it offers foreplay. Right. So without further delay, here is Sammy’s post. . .

“On one hand, you can see that you are doing well in the disappointment department. On the other, however, you are doing great [excelling even!] in being a great failure. Either way, I can deal with not looking at you for the rest of the day, and be hearing your incessant voice.”

Oh, OK then. I see someone wants to get disassembled pretty bad. . . Well, there you have it, folks, the first of many Posts From Sammy…the ass.
Check back for more but until then, take it easy.

Posts From Sammy is a new ongoing phone text flash fiction series by Robert J. S. T. McCartney at A.B.Normal Publishing. Since its inception, it has claimed the lives of 1 million bacteria cells. There were no ragrets. Not even a letter.

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