Help Me Pick My Next Book Cover. . .

So I’m kind of doing this thing about a book cover. . .

Salutations and cheers to all those on this fine Thursday. . .morning.

Let me get right to it. I am debating on which image to use as the new book cover for Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle and I figured I’d ask the minds on the internet for their input, because I like feedback, even if it’s the trolls trying really, really, really hard. 😉

You can choose from the images I have provided, or none of them.

This will be open for 10 days, after which I will announce the winner of the poll. If there are user submitted ones, I will then have those go head-to-head with any other submitted by user and. . .if any of mine make it that long.

Choices? Choices you say?!

Yep, there are choices aplenty. Here’s what’s on deck. . .

Lilah's Guide to Hoyle New Light Original Cover Idea
(A) Its the lightest and whitest of the bunch, but it has something. . .

Lilah's Guide to Hoyle New Bloody #2 Original Cover Idea
(B) The struggle with the font color to work to my liking is real

Lilah's Guide to Hoyle New Simple Original Cover Idea
(C) A minimalist and simple take on the original

Cover for Lilah's Guide to Hoyle
(D) The Original. Obvious flaws are obvious.

Lilah's Guide to Hoyle New Original Cover Idea
(E) Modified Original with one eye of Lilah (green) and one of Lynaly (magenta) and a gun.*

*Thanks to Sancho on helping with this one.

Lilah's Guide to Hoyle New Bloody Original Cover Idea
(F) A bloodier take

I will also put the option out there for if someone wishes to show off their design skills (which most likely are definitely superior to mine).

So, if you wish to contend and even perhaps, be the cover of the debut novel and want it to be seen, simply email me: [email protected] with Book Design as the subject and I’ll post it here for the throw down.*

The book format is 5.5×8.5 (in.) and feel free to use this page for ideas you’d like to incorporate, aside from the already present.

Cool story, bro. What’s the prize? Is there a prize?

While there is no monetary prize for the poll in the choices of things I have done, however, if you do design a cover that is pretty ballin’ that is chosen, then I will be recognizing your hard work in the book, on my social media, the site, and shower you with praise. That praise may also come in the form of showering you with peanut foam. I’m not quite sure yet. Either way, there’s no obligation, and best of all, there’s no STDs! Yay!

I thank everyone for their participation, and even if this busts. . .well. . .meh. Won’t even bother me.



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