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“I’m Back. I bet you all forgot about me. Thought me to be dead—left under the pile of bodies of my brethren; my people, my comrades. . . You thought that traitorous Synth won, and perhaps, believed he had succeeded in hacking into my partial Synth system. . .

No, you were wrong. I survived. I survived and have set out to live not only for another day but to fight! For you see, I have met an incredible opponent. . .one who is fierce, loyal to his comrades in arms, and honorable.

And now. . .I stand here before you all—fit for war, ready for battle, anxious for blood! I now look upon you. . .with disappointment. You have robbed me of my opponent, one who stoked the fires within for the likes of which have never been known. My weapon thirsts for blood. My fists desire vengeance! I pray you are ready for retribution. . .for it will be swift; and I, as your judge, jury, and executioner. . .will be merciful. Not because you committed an atrocity, though you deemed worthy and justifiable. Nay, you are so charged because you committed a dishonorable act against not just an honorable enemy. . .but also against the land in which we are trying to rebuild, nourish, and help become something more.

I have been shown. . .that there is a new way. One that I will now undertake, and bear the burden.

I now give to you. . .your sentence. . .of death!”

The mutant quad all pleaded with the great Kronam for their lives.

“Please, Kronam! You must understand, we were only following orders,” one said.

“We just wanted vengeance against the very ones whom we believed were responsible for your death. We fought only for your honor!” another added.

While three pleaded, one did the unthinkable.

The fourth knelt before Kronam with his head down. “I give myself over willingly and offer my head at your feet, for I have committed a dishonorable act. I don’t ask for mercy, nor forgiveness.”

Kronam put a hand on the mutant’s shoulder. “You’ve acted accordingly, and honorably brother. You have done what the others could not bring themselves to do; for they pleaded and cowered! Yet you. . .you accepted the consequences for your actions. You are to be commended.”

“Your words move me, Kronam. I am ready for my punishment.”

Kronam nodded and raised his battle-worn axe high above his head. The others closed their eyes, still pleading to be spared. In a swift motion the axe whistled through the air. The mutant grunt waited for death, while the others sniveled and wept. . .but it never came.

Slowly, they all opened their eyes and looked above to see a monstrous bear paw shield the axe from the neck of the grunt.

The Mighty Bear God stood before them now, as Kronam took a step back.

“We all make mistakes, but we shouldn’t be the ones to judge others for their ignorance and then some. I can admit it. . .I’ve done wrong. However, shooting a nuke at us was really not cool.” The Bear God growled at the mutant quad squad.

“I was to dispense justice for their dishonorable act. Why do you deny me?” Kronam inquired.

“Because it’s not yours to do, Kronam. You want to help this land? To help get vengeance on your brethren and family? You can join us—or be against us. I’ll give you a tip. . .you won’t win if you do go against us.”

The Super Mutant Barbarian nodded. “I see.”

In a moment of pondering and thinking on everything [literally], he reached his decision. “I wish to join your band, Bear God. To bring justice, honor, and right the wrongs. I also offer these four to help aid us in our efforts.”

The quad squad looked at one another in puzzlement, amazement, joy, fear, and Maker knows what else.

The Bear God nodded. “Coolbeans. Well then, lemme introduce you to the rest of the guys. This is Rubricon, don’t ask about the ears, and this here is Ben. . .also another clusterfuck of a story and such.”

Kronam smiled. “It is a pleasure to meet such warriors as yourselves, and to begin a new chapter with you all.”

“If you go to die, are about to, or if you try to betray us, I will totally eat your soul.” Ben replied.

“Ah. . .yeah. Pretty much that—screw us over, you’re dead.” Rubricon added.

Kronam nodded. “It is not my intention to do such acts, but I respect your warning.”

Sin clasped his paws together. “Great! Now that all that is sorted out, let’s get out of here and get some grub because I am fucking starving.”

All nodded in unison and set off towards where there was a notable wasteland food establishment with three stars or better on some rating application.

The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God is an ongoing A.B.Normal Publishing exclusive story by Robert J. S. T. McCartney. Check here for more posts!

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