Episode. . .I've Lost Count: Food!

It’s been awhile since I posted something about food. Truth be told. . .I have taken a few pictures. . .but I’ve forgotten about uploading them, simply because I am either with the family, running around like a chicken with its nuts cut off, trying to get some sleep, or I’m out and about. I know, I know. . .excuses. . .but life is full of them! 😉
So, what follows are a few pics. . .with one I forgot to finish taking a picture on once dinner was actually done. These mistakes happen though.
[Ha. . .because it’s steak. . .get it?]
Alright, so first up is the good old rub. . .

Prime Rib Rub for meats
Rub it on your meat. . .and then beat it.

Drink. . .and drink. . .and drink. . .liberally. . .and then drink some more. I had purchased a 32 oz. growler from Whole Foods, filled with a craft beer called White Zombie. I gotta say, it was pretty good; it didn’t last long.
Old Chicago glass with beer, and a Whole Foods 32oz growler
Next up, after having some adult beverage. . .we season the meat! You rub the hell out of it, sing a song, and then broil it to your liking. Personally, I like medium, medium rare. . .
I also suggest playing music whilst cooking. It makes it taste better! At least, in my opinion.
3 Grass Fed Sirloin steaks that are seasoned on a cast iron grill.
“Ohhh—Save a plant, eat a cow. I want beef, I want it now. I’m gonna eat it cause it’s red. I’m gonna eat it cause it’s dead. I’d eat people if it was legal!” *guitar solo*

And what would be pictured here. . .? Well, it would have been a sourdough roll with garlic and 3-Italian cheese, and a generous side portion of broccoli with a cheddar cheese sauce. It was pretty tasty, and so was the beer!
The next dish I did was a classic: angel hair pasta with hot Italian sausage, Italian seasoned meatballs (done to perfection!—I will add. . .) and basil and garlic tomato sauce. Basically, you want Italian? You are going to get a mouthful of Italian! I know, you’re all probably thinking of so many innuendos. No? Well I did.
Angel Hair pasta with Italian Sausage and Meatballs, with garlic and basil tomato sauce
No, it’s not a spaghetti swastika. . .

So that about does it. It’s not a secret menu, nor is it Julia Childs blockbuster worthy. . .but it tastes great, my family eats it, and it makes our tum-tums full!
Until next time, when I do remember to snap some pics, make something worthwhile, and wave my sausage about. Cheers!

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