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Welcome back for another edition of Predict This!

Sammy wanted to share a. . .thought. . .he had, and I didn’t object so. . .I hope you enjoy. If not, well. . .you’re not edgy enough for him.* This is classified as “Extreme!” because it’s a lot longer than it usually is.

In any case, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

I’ve seen the future. . .and it is dark. I’ve also seen what it could be. Oh. . .what it could be.
In that place, there is no hate, no screaming, no loss, no guilt, no blame, no doubt, and more. We, as men and women. . .the children of this earth, who are united against the just cause. We are to be loved, accepted, forgiven, and held—for we are all equal.
The dark future for where we are heading, everything lays in ruin, all because of our doing. As such, I’ve taken arm, and raised a stone; not to protest or do harm, but to rebuild. For you see, though there can be action and change, it doesn’t mean anything if we do not unite in the common goal. Making empty promises, praises to false figures and leaders, and praying without being preemptive in doing something about it ourselves.
You can throw words, lash blame, use words to cut skin deep, or shoot the bullet to end our crying game. If you succumb to the already poisoned world, then our limbs will be amputated, our voice—muted. We then will not stand united, we will not use the hands to take our future in to account, nor will we be able to use our mouths to voice change.
Rise up, sons and daughters of the earth. Rise up from the dirt beds they’ve beaten you down to.  will rebuild. Do not become slaves to the pre-destined future where there is ruin. We must be as one. For if we continue this cycle of viciousness, we will remain fractured, and held under thumb, leaving our families, friends, ourselves, and the world—to succumb to the poison that flows.

Sam. . .did you drink the Kool-aid? No? Are you drunk? No? Sober? Well shit. You. . .freethinking, cellular, modular, interactive-odular, bastard. I like you.
This is still a better love story than Twilight.

*It’s funny because he’s a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Laugh. Do it. You did. Ring ring ring!

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Predict This! is an ongoing predictive text inspired series by Robert J. S. T. McCartney at A.B.Normal Publishing.

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