My Batman V Superman Review

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice collectible ticket
Prepare for Mortal K. . .wait.

I did go see Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on Saturday with some friends / guildmates.
Before I start. . .I will say this: I originally had no intention of seeing this movie because of two  three four things.

  1. Ben Affleck as the new Batman / Bruce Wayne.
  2. Henry Cavill as Superman.
  3. Zack Snyder was directing.
  4. Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.

You can see those are pretty high oppositions, leading you to question why I went and saw this film in the first place. Let me explain. . .
NOTE: I love comics. I love DC and Marvel just as much / equal to any other person out there that lays claim to do so. I don’t give a damn about the whole Marvek vs. DC debacle, so get over it, and don’t insuiate in any case that I am a Marvel fanboy or DC fanboy. . .because I am not. 
As much as I thought this movie was set up to be a disastrous DC train wreck, I figured. . .in all honesty. . .it could in no way be worse than Fantastic Four. That’s not exactly high expectations to say—but hey, it’s something.
[Also not as bad as The Witch. . .because damn.]
I was against Affleck being cast as our new Batman, and the continuation of Cavill as Superman. Why? Well. . .Daredevil. . .but I honestly couldn’t really see Ben as Batman. I didn’t care much for Christian Bale as the Dark Knight, but meh, he did alright too. Just the whole voice thing was killing it for me. I was surprised though with Batfleck—and in a good way. Cavill. . . *sigh* I can’t say he’s a bad guy. I just didn’t like the direction Man of Steel took and it felt out of place. If anything it felt like it was mirroring Miracle Man in some instances. Now, I would love to see a Miracle Man movie. . .but I doubt that will ever, ever happen.
[I suggest you dig in to some search results on for Miracle Man.]
Back on point, Cavill acted great, I’ll give it to him. He did good in Man of Steel, but I think he did better this go around in B v S: DoJ. I dunno what it was, but it seemed that there was more synergy. Overall, everyone did their part fantastic. As I say, Affleck pulled off being Batman pretty damn good. So I was impressed by his performance. Cavill nailed his part. The twist for me was Jeremy Irons as Alfred. I liked the portrayal of Alfred actively helping Bruce tinker and helping him out. It’s a nice change from seeing the more traditional forms of Alfred who was just. . .the butler. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. . . I was impressed by her performance / debut as WW. I thought they were going to make her just a supermodel with Wonder Woman’s get up and flash her around the screen as eye candy like there were doing initially in this film. Nope, she did justice in the climatic fight and it was nicely done. I was a little confused with Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. . .who seemed more Joker or Riddler-isque to me, but still. I enjoyed his performance. The speeches, remarks, and, of course, the villainy. Oh, and Granny’s Peach Tea. 😉
Again, everyone acted and did their part great. It was a very entertaining film with some flaws, but that happens.
So, I’ve done the pros. . .now the cons. . . The action was pretty good. It just felt like we had this amazing build up. . .and then it kind of fizzled out. I mean, you had so many things going on all at once that was crammed into ~3 hours that should have probably been broken up into a two or three-part movie. The cameos, I felt were a bit forced, let alone the insignia of the metahumans listed on Luthor’s reports. There were numerous plot holes. . .and questionable moments. The dream sequences also at first made me walk out. The first one. I just. . .I dunno. If they hadn’t said it was a dream I was done. I get them, I do, because they explore the other variations, timelines, etc. Coolbeans. The movie in some parts felt dragged out, whereas in others it was face paced and had a good tempo going. I dunno, I felt like it could have been done better with the cast as is.
Needless to say, I was impressed and I will say that Batman V Superman is an entertaining film that’s fit for the DCU. However, it could have been better. I am still excited to see what the other films will bring us in the future. After all, it’s a great time to be a comic book fan. All these heroes on the big screen and as motion pictures. Some thought they’d never make it to such importance, let alone be of anything. It is a good movie on its own. I was entertained. It did its job. Would I give it an award? No. Would I see it again? Are you buying my ticket and my concession goods? Then sure.
So the bottom line: it’s good. Even if you wanna see it one time, or not, whatever, do what you want. It was also vastly superior to Fantastic Four, and The Witch. Although I know that’s not saying much. . .but to me that’s a lot of something. . .and I paid for that torture. Yeah. Let that sink in.
Side note. . .I miss my recliner seats at Celebration! Cinemas in Lansing, MI. *sigh*

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