So I Made a Book. . .

Cover for Lilah's Guide to Hoyle
This isn’t the final retail version. Obvious flaws are obvious.

For some people it’s no big deal. However, for me, personally, it’s a big deal. Now I am not setting out to be the next New York Times Bestseller. Granted, I’d love it, but that’s not my intent. I am doing this. . .all of this. . .all the writing, the stories, the creativity, all the pouring of my soul and very essence. . .into my stories that I’ll be sharing with everyone.
I am proud of myself, my friends that have helped, and thankful of those who’ve been critical in my ascension. Whether it was “You’re a comma whore,” or “your shit stinks, fix it,” or whatever. It’s been a stepping stone in moving on up and getting this stuff out there.
Now, we’re in a total satisfaction right now kind of movement in society. That is where you want and expect results RIGHT NOW. Some things that will work with. . .others. . .not so much.
I’ve been actively writing since late 2008 since our car accident. I’ve had my highs, my lows, and so much shit go every which way I couldn’t see straight, let alone in color. I found comfort in writing. That. . .at first. . .was one reason why I started. It helped more than confiding in family, in a therapist, or friends. You see, even though you love your friends, your family, you are still vigilant. . .still hiding behind a wall. . .in what exactly you’re willing to share. With a third party, you may tend to be more careful what you share because they could toss your ass in a loony bin and other shenanigans.
Bottom line, you hold back. You watch what you say so you don’t make others that care about you worry, and you try to please the masses. Now, I know some folks don’t give a damn about what others say, do, and so on. Good for you. Others tend to freak out over the most trivial of shit though and eventually blow it out of proportion; keep recycling it in their mind that eventually is just a horrible, horrible toxin that is poisoning you subconsciously. It’s just plain bad news. Sure, you can forgive and forget, forgive and remember, don’t, keep grudges and that variable sorted lot. . .but why?
You can do many great things in life, but if you foul up once. . .that could be what people / history remember you by. Learn to let things go. Learn to move on. Learn to cope. Isn’t that what life is about?
Though the journey may be hard (nothing is ever easy in the first place) you will encounter friends, family, and others along the way that will shape your life experiences. Knowledge is just a small part of a much bigger puzzle, and believe me, there are hundreds of thousands (if not, millions) of pieces you will amass.
So. . .bringing back to the book. It’s an experience, for me at least. I wrote it with my best friend whom I’ve known since elementary school. Thinking about it, it’s pretty crazy as to how long I’ve known him. I have others that I’ve known since I can remember. Granted, our sisters were friends prior to our meeting, so we’d like to say we’ve been friends forever.
This experience taught me a lot of things. One being that I loved to write and I enjoyed it immensely. The other, I love the supernatural; angels, demons, ghosts, goblins, David Bowie. I can’t stop wanting to learn, to evolve, to adapt. . . I can’t stop wanting to write and to fill my shelves with the books I’ve written. It’s just a fascinating and fulfilling feeling.
I’ve known a few people who’ve said that they’ve wanted to write a book, but never could. . .or lack the imagination, or some other variable that hinders their doing so. I had similar feelings at one point. . .However, mine was because it was frowned upon to submit a paper at school depicting some unsavory things, practices, and word usage—whatever it was that went against the curricular. To which I get it. You have to build kids up before you send them out to make them adults. . .the whole fledgling nonsense.
Start small. Whether it’s a few words, a few pages, a few sentences, paragraphs, whatever you gauge and deem worthy for a day, an hour, whatever have you the time to spare. Do it. Don’t let your imagination, your own creativity starve, or be shut out because you believe you lack the confidence or skill to do so. That’s why there are editing services. That’s why there is copywriting / copyediting. What you do is write unhinged, unbound, and just churn that shit out on paper (and pen) or on the computer. Go. To. Town. The whole point is this: do it. Or you could go the Nike route. Don’t wonder and then some years later have regrets.
This is why I am doing it. So I can say to my friends, my family, other folks—I am a writer. I wrote this, this, this, and this. I am working on this. So on and so forth.
Now, Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle, though it is finished. . .I still have some things to do for it. I am aiming to have it released this summer, but if I have to push it back then I will. I rather polish it up, and keep it nice and shiny. To which I’d say it’ll be released when I deem it ready to. However, I feel it to be ready—soon.
Spine for Lilah's Guide to HoyleBack cover for Lilah's Guide to Hoyle
This copy here. . .this is my blood, sweat, tears, and hours upon hours of mind movie footage that I love to play over and over, and fucking over in my mind. It’s something that I will never get tired of, and something I will gladly read to my kids, grand kids, and hope that they pass on. To some folks. . .they have a family bible. This? This right here is my family bible.
I’ll probably put up an excerpt soon.
I’ll also give a teaser of the new cover when it’s ready.
Actually, just stay tuned. There’s a lot that’s going to be taking place here real soon. It’s going to be big, it’s going to be exciting and I want everyone to be involved. I want everyone to be able to partake. . .and enjoy. . .in the adventures of Dana, Walter, Lilah, and the universe I’ve created with them. . .and so much more.
For now, I thank those that have come to follow me. I hope. . .and look forward to those that will in time, and I will not ever stop speaking my mind, nor bend to the rules. I will be different. I will be me. . .and I encourage others to be themselves. Be anything. . .but normal.

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