Good Friday = Good Vibes

Another year and we’re already flying through 2016. Where time goes is anyone’s guess, but clearly it’s in the fast lane.
I’ve always noticed that time seemed to just flow on like an overcharged race car hyped up on more than just Mountain Dew. Yesterday it seemed like I was coming home to celebrate being 18. . .and now I’ll be going on 30. Cheese and rice. It’s alright though, a lot has come and gone, as it’s destined to be for us all. Normally, I’d be up all night wondering what the absolute fuck am I going to do about death and all that shenanigan shit, but eh, it happens. There’s not a damn thing you can do about it. So why lose sleep over the inevitable? Just enjoy the here and now; what you’ve got, and if some twit tells you otherwise. . .just walk away. You don’t need that shit.
Now, it’s Good Friday and well. . .make it a Good Friday! I’ve put on a playlist that’s got me in a pretty chill mood. It’s a solid straight line, in my opinion anyways. So, what’s on deck you say? Glad you asked! Here’s today’s dish. . .
You may see some repeats but that’s besides the point.
Note: I know some songs may appear mislabeled. I have more than one copy on my drives. Don’t ask why.
Death Cab for Cutie – No Room in Frame

One of my favorite songs off of Kintsugi. I also enjoyed seeing it performed live when I saw DCFC in 2015 at the Fox Theater on my birthday. It was a fantastic show. This song, along with Ghosts of Beverly Drive, Black Sun (as far as new material) always find a way to a playlist of mine. In fact, most DCFC songs find a way to any playlist of mine. Addictive stuff. In a good way.
Death Cab for Cutie – Grapevine Fires

I personally love this song. Granted, the video that plays within my own mind is different, it’s in similar fashion to which man burns with the world, but in the end it’s alright. Because nature will carry on without us, just as it did before us, and as it will after we are gone. It also gives you a sense of peace. It’s fubar, yes, but meh. It’s Death Cab. . .
Less Than Jake – The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out / Screws Fall Out

This song is a personal one. In part because I’ve sang it to my wife whilst at my first LTJ show, while using my good friend Greg’s cell phone. . .because mine had died. To which, thanks Greg-o. I had bought this album, Anthem, and the LTJ EP. Together I took them along with her signed Losing Streak album and fashioned them into lovely picture, along with a ticket I bought her when we were not yet together. It may seem dumb to some, but it meant everything to me. . .let alone her.
This also speaks to me because it’s true. With all the nonsense life throws at you; the ups and downs. . . It’s a clusterfuck. It also let me in on the fact that you can have a lot of friends, you can also have just a few. But as time goes on people leave you. Whether it is death, moving, growing up, whatever the case. They get replaced. . .either with new ones, or they stay the same. It’s not limited to just them, but also you. . .yourself. You grow up. You change. It’s all about changing. Great back to back song.
I now have the urge to play David Bowie – Changes though.
Interpol – Pace is the Trick

One of my favorite Interpol songs right here. I get in a toe tap frenzy with this song, and just start cranking out the words.
Interpol – NYC

You’d think that with a song named NYC it’d be called. . .New York City. Nope. New York Cares. Clever. It’s also an interesting take on that the subway is a porno. Regardless, it’s a fantastic song, and I love it.
Morphine – Pretty Face

I love Morphine, what else can I say? I’ve always loved the sound, the lyrics, and Sandman. This song just reassures it 110%.
Mark Sandman – They Bent Me

A fun song by Sandman. You just have to listen to it. I find it fun to play through when I am having a guy just happening to have a shitty day.
Of Monsters and Men – Dirty Paws

I’ve liked Of Monsters and Men before they made their way over to the States for awhile, and this song was one of my favorites that stood out. I also found it a good touch when they added this song to the movie called The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It’s a great film if you haven’t seen it yet. Recommended. I just like the storytelling that is intermingled within the playback. Pretty simple.
AC/DC – Thunderstruck

This is a classic, in which case, pretty self-explanatory. Whenever I’d have World of Warcraft up, I’d have this rolling somewhere on a playlist. This was also featured when my raid group fought against the Thunder King in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Good times. You just can’t go wrong with some AC/DC.
Less Than Jake – The Ghosts of You and Me

Ah, some good old Less Than Jake. This was another favorite of mine off the Anthem album. Well, I guess Anthem was kind of the anthem of my life at that point of time. Relationships. Some last, some don’t. Some things are just better left unsaid.
[Ha. . .that’s also an MXPX song (Unsaid). . .and Daryl Hall and John Oates. OK. . .it’s a saying and there are plenty of songs with it as its title. I’m done.]
That about wraps it up. I hope everyone had a good Friday, and that you all enjoy your Easter. Whether you celebrate it or not. Have a great weekend.
Oh and just because. . .
David Bowie – Changes

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