Mondays. . . What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mondays? For me it’s Garfield [first].

But what is it about Mondays? Is it the worst day of the week or is it the best? I’ve always disliked Mondays for the obvious reasons: work, school, end of an awesome vacation, court dates, I can go on.

However, there are also good reasons to roll out of bed on a Monday: winning the lottery, getting married, starting an awesome vacation, winning that court date, quitting your job, graduating school, etc.

You see, it’s all about finding the good from [in] the “bad.”

The best day and the worst day could also be subjective to whatever work schedule you start. As in, what day your work week begins and ends.

For example, when I use to work at Walmart, my Monday was a Thursday. If work until Tuesday morning, and then be off for two days. It sucked having a week go like that but that’s how it was.

Other employers I had worked the traditional work week, which was great, because it gave me a sense of continuity. That is going from school [Monday to Friday; having weekends off] to the same with my first few employers. Then eventually it got kind of fubar.

It’s life. It’s the way adulting begins. It’s shit. Because when you’re young you don’t really want to bust your balls over work, just to burn out. You want normalcy, a party or gathering here and there, and to be able to buy things.

I get that’s not entirely true for some, or most, or it is for some. .or most. It depends on the person. All I can say is I hated being up early in the morning and busting my balls at work just to get taken advantage of at my job.

Sin’s note: I did love the solidarity I faced when I was put to some tasks, but some of the people. . .not so much. You’d encounter the slackers, the managers that were on power trips [having been newly elected]. Let’s just say it was a rainbow coalition of all walks of life and leave it at that. 

I also dislike it when I’d come back from my day(s) off and find that I had to correct whomever it was that just screwed up the perfect system of rotating stock / giving the vendors space they needed to unload and do their job. . .on top of helping out 1st Shift. Trust me, I knew who it was and they knew damn well it was pissing me off. Even through confrontation and standing with a pallet on my shoulder looking down at them, that wasn’t enough to get it through their head. Idjits.

Of course, things changed and I ended up leaving the company—no harm, no foul; the people who I worked with were amazing and I have nothing but the utmost respect for them. I used to say when I’d come in visiting after I left that I’d come back if I ever won a large amount of money via lottery, that I’d pay them all to quit, or at least live comfortably. Who knows? One day I could still do that.

[My hat off to all the former and current 3rd Shift Receiving Associates at the Howell, MI Walmart and Coach Kue. Seriously.]

On another note, I will never, ever, ever. . .go back to retail. I mean, it had its perks and fun times, but no. Hell. No. Nuh uh. To those that do it now and have been for years. . .I thank you for your hard work. I know most might say “They’re rude!” or “So and So is an asshole!” or “It’s their job!” and blah blah blah. . . News for ya. Sure it’s their job. . .but retail changes you, makes you jaded; turns you into an awful person [depending on what store you work for, and what your position is]. Some put on masks to make it through the day. Some do genuinely love their job and enjoy it. Again, refer to what store it is, position, etc. Granted, most of the people, no matter what place of employment and position, the corporate stiffs are only hellbent on making you be in one position—and that’s bending you over and railing you until you’re forced to quit, retire, get sick, or fire you for some ungodly reason. I digress though, because that’s a whole new thing to talk about.

So when you see a person that’s having a fuck-awful day at Target, Walmart, Meijer, Kroger, whatever the place is. . .thank them. Give them a smile. Give them a damn smile and say “thank you, person.” Now if you add other shit to that gesture, well, that’s up to you. Me? Well, I always like to leave my waitresses jokes and notes.


Cost – 29.99

Tip – 6 inches or more

Total = A good time

Signed Giggity giggity goo!

or RAWR, or whatever.

It varies. Sometimes it’s words of wisdom, a joke, a drawing, or this. It’s in good fun and about 99% of the folks know I am joking; since you should know the old stand up comedy closing “I’ll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waiter(waitress).” If you don’t know it. . .well. . .now you do.

Anyway, since I got off track a bit. Maybe a lot. Whatever. The point is this: don’t take shit too seriously. Except bills. That shit can be serious. Oh, and jail time. And alimony. Take time to enjoy your day. . .your time. . .your life. Whether it starts on a Monday, a Sunday, or a fucking Friday. Live it. Love it. Because face it, life’s too fucking short. You may dread waking up in the morning to go to school, or whatever, but you have the weekend coming up. You may curse under your breath at how fucking stupid your boss is. . .but your boss could end up letting you go home early that day because you busted your balls getting that report done, and they took note. . .or they give you a raise.

Because one day. . .you’re not going to wake up. So wouldn’t it be better to go forward in life, going through the week—each day—knowing that you’ve got it pretty good, some how, some way? I am. I gave up on all that worry shit, keeping that anger in, and all that hubbub that weighed me down. Am I great person? No. I am not, but I am planning on doing great things for my family, my friends, and I’ll be damned. . .this company.

In short, all I can say is. . . “Wait ’til they get a load of me.”

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