An Afternoon Out

So today I took the missus out to the movies.
[Note: We don’t usually get to go to the movies, let alone she is not a movie theater person; whereas, I will sit through the most pretentious nonsense that made it to a motion picture. Thus, my friends’ and I. . .outtakes done via MST3K style. Plus, we already have overly active and filled schedules as is: work, kids, and a slew of other adult life shenanigans.]
I have been wanting to see 10 Cloverfield Lane since I saw its inception when it was concluded to be included in the Cloverfield universe. Also. . .crazy John Goodman. I mean seriously, I’d see it just for him going crazy alone.

I was not disappointed, and absolutely loved the film. The story was well done, made you think on your feet, and yes, there were some obvious points. . .but who cares. I liked it.
So afterwards, we decided to hit up Smoky Mountain Brewery for some dinner. It was our first outing with just the two of us in some time. Fun times! I had a sampler of nine brews, while she had a “Blue Tractor.” In some places, like Old Chicago (Okemos), where I frequented a lot, this was called a “Blue Motorcycle.”

Blue Tractor
“Blue Tractor”

Note: The “Blue Tractor” is from an establishment we encountered in our adventure through Traverse City. Check ’em out on Yelp. It’s basically a Long Island with Bleu Cognac (Alizé Passion).
Beer Sampler of 9 Brews

I ordered the Thunder Road Burger as is listed, with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, cooked medium, served with fries. Meanwhile, the missus had the Big City Reuben (same menu) with a side of macaroni and cheese. Needless to say, dinner was pretty great. It’s nice getting a burger cooked to your order, and knowing it’s ground fresh daily. Good job guys [and gals]!
A great afternoon and now, time to unwind, maybe take a nap. Something.
I’ll also be posting some videos of my friends and I playing The Divison via PS4. That will be coming soon.

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