In Death We Trust

You can have all the likes, all the hearts, all the smiley faces, and all the “friends” in the world. You will still die alone.
You can have all the riches, live in the biggest house, and drive the fanciest car in the world. You will still die alone.
You could have all the knowledge, know the tricks of any trade, and have all the time. . .in this world. You will still die alone.
You could have done the best things in life, and yet, still, you will die alone.
Yet though you may die alone, you may hope to have your friends and family surround you, unfortunately, they may not be able to. It is important to know that they might not be able to. It’s not selfish (on either account) for it is life. Unpredictable.
Nothing we say or do may be forgotten, and there is nothing we can do about death. It happens. . .just as naturally as we breathe, eat, or sleep.
Like everything else you will come to experience in life, nothing, is ever easy. But perhaps those actions, those moments that defined your life, they will help cope with that loss, or when it comes time for your own.
Keep your faith, if you want to.
For it is in death that we are all equal and free.

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