Home, Inspiration. . .and Gone

Home, Inspiration. . .and Gone

A Fond Farewell to Mason, MI

by Robert J. T. McCartney

Ingham County Courthouse

Since I first arrived in Mason several years ago with my family after our car accident, I fell in love with its town square. It was a nostalgia throwback to me from the yesteryears of my youth, where I grew up in South Lyon; the old aesthetic feel and architecture, along with that small town feel, and you were in a centralized location to go to shopping centers or stores.

Ingham County Courthouse from The Vault
Ingham County Courthouse viewed from The Vault.


It was here where I became inspired by the Ingham County Courthouse’s clock and its peak. In the months that followed since settling down, I began my dive in writing, and I haven’t turned back since then. I’ve always fancied it during the day, however, I am found myself more enthralled by it at night. I once had a conversation with a friend whom regarded the clock as a resemblance of the Eye of Sauron that overlooked the small city. To which, coming in from the outskirts of town you can see it peeking through the trees, watching as you wander around town.

Ingham County Courthouse At Night
The night shows a different kind of life.

I’ve always liked the nightlife in Mason, there’s just something about it. . . The way the streets are illuminated and your shadow is cast, it really does make for quite a lovely stroll during the night. On windy fall [summer, too] nights, there is an enchanting and bewitching atmosphere that seems to fall across the town square. It’s as if you were to expect a witch to fly across the heavens. In short, it doesn’t quite mirror that New England placement, off on the eastern shore of the US, where the witch folklore is most prominent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spin a tale that could. . .by chance have one [or two] make an appearance.

Ingham County Courthouse at night time.
From the City Hall parking lot.


I’d hope to revisit Mason again someday as it truly felt like a home to me. I enjoyed all the years living here with my family, and all the people I came across and became acquainted with. Especially, the staff and students at Heartwood School, Dean Transportation, and the many businesses in downtown [I’ll miss The Vault a lot. Great place.]. Our daughter, Zelda, will miss you all as well.

Who knows, maybe that clock face, the courthouse, and downtown will be featured once again, in a story. . .real soon. With that said. . .so long, Mason, Michigan. Thanks for all the great people and the wondrous places you house.

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