You Put This Here. . .And This Here. . .

One of the many things I dislike about moving is all the tedious work that goes with it. Sure, changing jobs, filing papers, establishing residency, more filing, etc. is just dandy. . .but it’s when you’re going through all your shit and you’re like a kid at Christmas. The only thing is. . .it’s all your stuff. . .that you’re opening up. . .again. Then when you’re done opening all those lovely boxes / bags. . .you have to put it all away. At that point you’re like “FUUUUUUUUUU—” and maybe. . .just maybe. . .go for the nearest bottle of wine, beer. . .alcohol. We need portals! PORTALS! Or maybe have it work like The Sims and copy / paste that shit, because damn.
So, after all the feeling of “WOO HOO! I GOT MY TV SET UP!” or “WOO HOO! I GOT THE COMPUTER SET UP!” and all those fun feelings. . . You take a look around and go “Son of a bitch!” Ah. . .realization.
That’s right. There are still boxes, upon boxes, upon boxes, upon bags of shit to undo what you did several weeks ago. It’s fine though. For you see, when you finally get all that shit unpacked, put away, sold off, whatever, then you can finally sit back and relax. Sure. . .it’s probably going to be a few weeks or maybe a month-ish. . .but you’ll get there.
[I guess I double reiterated what I was meaning. . .but oh well. I’m tired dammit. Screw it. It can stay here.]
Right  now though, I just need to sleep. A lot. I’m so bloody worn down I can’t see straight. Thing is though, work ain’t gonna do itself! Granted, I probably will be gauging my posts due to all the aforementioned nonsense listed above. Still, I have plenty of projects to do; around the house, and online [including the literature ones].
So expect updates to start flooding these wondrous pages again.
A side note, I do love downloading 4 GB files in minutes versus hours.
What else. . .hum. . .I dunno really. Other than being a kid that’s coming off a massive sugar high, except with aches and pains that resemble being hit by a truck. . .I’d say it’s about time to turn in.
Happy Freakin’ Monday, Folks.
Oh yeah. I’ll leave this here. It’s a great album from a great documentary [Cure For Pain: The Mark Sandman Story].
I find it fitting, since you know. . .morning will be here real soon.

Go ahead, listen to it all. I think you’ll enjoy it. I know I do [but then again, that’s why I suggested it].

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