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Whew. It’s been a day alright. I’m touching up on a few projects, before I go and take the mighty fine pile of trash down to the curbside. It’s also after raid night, which was not bad, but hey, shit happens. So today’s Musical Inspiration, for me anyways, is brought to you by Morphine. As I have said in prior posts, Morphine is my go to band for a lot of things, and I just love their sound.
Some who may take note, [I guess it may be a teaser of sorts?] of the title on my desktop background, Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle. It’s not a finalized cover, it’s just one I did some time ago on a whim, and well, I am looking to make a final version that will be used for retail purposes. Needless to say, the book is done—save for some editing that could be done again. . .perhaps, and a few tweaks here and there, but it’s done. That though is for another time. . .

Picture of Friday's Generated Playlist. . .with Morphine, at your service.
Friday’s Generated Playlist. . .with Morphine, at your service.


Mile High
Starting off on the playlist is Mile HighThis song is featured on the “Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead” soundtrack. It’s a great song. Not only will I tap my foot (and sing) along, but I get hit with that good time vibe. You could write a quick little scene, or story with this song. The best part is, it could be about anything. It wouldn’t even have to pertain to the song, its lyrics, just anything. It’s a good pick-me-up.

I’m Free Now
Next up, we have I’m Free Now. This is another good ditty, where you can be on the fence of feeling great, or just be mellow. We could go for literal interpretation, or you could twist it into a story, or a dialogue. Me? Personally, I’d probably twist it in to something pretty dark. . .but that’s just what I do.

Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave
This is probably one of my favorite Morphine songs hands down; comparable to The Night, I Know You [Part III], and Hanging On A Curtain. I just love it. Not only the sound: that sax, the bass. . .the drums. . .but also the lyrics. Simple, yet powerful. I mean, who can’t relate in some way? I take it as some words of wisdom.

I Know You [Part III]
Like Swimming is one of my favorite albums. . .and that’s a tough call, because I do love each album in its way [close to a tie, probably to The Night]. I actually had an idea that maybe this could be turned into a duet, with the roles reversed, or if Mark was perhaps talking to himself in a mirror, which would lead to Like a Mirror.  However, it’s just an idea. I do have the lyrics and such done, I just can’t replicate [nor do I exactly, want to, per say, replicate Sandman because he was fantastic, and the guys in Morphine already nailed it with this, the original Part III. Still, maybe I’ll throw it up, and give it a try. One day. . .some day. . .

In Your Shoes
This is a track that is pretty damn awesome. It’s a self-explanatory song that I just suggest you listen to. It makes me think of some people. . .and how even if our roles [or shoes] were reversed, that yeah, I’d probably do the same thing(s) as them. Of course, there are other notes and interpretations that can be sought for, regardless though, it’s a great tune.

Hanging on a Curtain
Remember when I said that I really liked the album Like Swimming? Well, this song here, Hanging on a Curtain is nothing short of amazing. The strumming of the 2-string bass, the sexy wailing of the sax, and the glorious repetition of those drums. Ah. It’s just great. I’d blast it loud and proud, when I’d be driving through town on a beautiful summer night, or whilst on my way to Okemos to Old Chicago. I just love the sound, and the poetry of the lyrics. I know, not biased at all.

The Night
The final album of Morphine, released posthumously after the death of Mark Sandman, the title track boasts the fantastic use of so many instruments. Particularly. . .I love the piano in this. I mean, I love the bass and the sax that harmonizes alongside, but the piano really ties it in. The lyrics are superb, and the rhyme around 3:14 is pretty damn epic.
A side note, I wonder. . .if people can tell where I drew inspiration from, when my co-author and I dubbed our main character. . .Lilah.
It’s going to be our way of giving back, so to speak, because of the influence, inspiration, and support [at least for me, because I was in a very, very dark place when I first started to write, and when I found Morphine].
I guess another time, I will share my struggles, and what I found in music. . .what gave me the push I needed to just get off my medication [which was not working for me] and to pick my life up, take control, and how I tempered myself to who I am today. It’s not gonna be short and sweet, I’ll tell ya that much, ha.
Well, thanks for joining me for the first, real edition of Musical Inspiration. I hope some of you folks enjoyed it, and hey, maybe you will become a fan of Morphine too. The surviving members play under the guise of Vapors of Morphine.
Until next time!

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