My Doodle From My Noodle

So yesterday, I did some drawing on a whiteboard. I felt like. . .hey. . .why not? Could be fun. See how bad I am. . .still. Ha! So after a few doodles, and which I erased plenty, I did this one. I actually have a paper drawing of it somewhere in my sketchbook from some years ago. It’s not finished, but I think when I get the chance to, I will.
I think I’ll see if my one friend still has the drawing I did some years back as well. I miss that shit drawing. . .
Anyway, this is what I did. Sorry for the quality. The rest of this post is taken from my Instagram post.

Drawing of a tree and a whole lot of elements incorporated in it. Lies, corporations, bribes, etc.
Doodle that Sincados did on a whiteboard. Look at how bad it is!

“I haven’t drawn in years. This was on a whiteboard, and I do not like drawing on them. Obvious, yes?
If you can’t read the words in the branches, going from left, clockwise:
#Man. . .teeth marks
#Bribes. . .left rectangle (money)
The missing limb is actually #Peace but it’s severed, with a white flag that says#Happy?
#Oil and #Gas run in the roots, tainting the tree, with #people being divided (amongst all these issues and more. Which is why each issue, matter, etc. keeps spreading, branching out.) We’ve polluted, infected, and have essentially, destroyed our tree. Where you see the blood drops, and the makeshift knife, we did ourselves. We cut peace out. Out of everything we could do.
The black “mushrooms” is war, famine, strife that plagues the land. What would be, should be fruit of our efforts, just destroys us, and it all goes to the river of our deeds. The once blue river, tainted with blood. The world cracked.
Unfortunately, there were no brown markers, but I would have further shown the infection spreading, in both the tree, and the land.
I started on this. . .or similar some years ago. I guess it’s time to finish it. 😉 I apologize if you can’t see it well.
#drawing #doodle

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