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So, I’ve been playing around with some ideas, naturally. . .always, however, Music That Inspires You is kind of. . .meh. So I decided to change it up. I’m always inspired by music; its sound, the lyrics [if applied to a song], whatever a song, album, or the artist may have in store. I’ve listed songs that usually speak to me and give me some form of inspiration. I suppose, I’ve been more so. . .reserved? I guess that may be it. . .in the case where people may actually chime in and comment about what music [kind, song, artist, genre, etc] speaks or reaches into them. . .gives them that nudge, or feeling of either bliss, happiness, and so on. I get that many folks may not seem interested, hell, they may not even read this now. It’s all about choice, which is great. I think though, I’ll try this out and see if it’s anything.

This is a picture of Sincados' iTunes Playlist. . .right now. It'll probably be obsolete soon though.
This is Sincados’ iTunes Playlist. . .right now. It’ll probably be obsolete soon though.

Alright, so what we have here is my current playlist. . . It’s a real one, that’s playing right now as I type this up and share it with everyone. It’s a bit personal. . .in the aspect that these are songs that can define moments in my life, with either friends, personal conflicts, struggles, life, death, suicide, the car accident, being a dad, I can give quite a lengthy list here. . .
Currently, I have it on shuffle, whereas, here in the picture it’s not on. I want to be able to hit shuffle and not be clicking next, or searching for that one damn song. I know you know what I am talking about.
I could take you through an intimate stroll as to what each song pertains to, describe the moment, why I chose such a song. Some may seem cliché, some may seem redundant, some may even not make any sense. The whole point is this. . .these songs spoke to me in a way that I understand, me. . .my way, and in my mind. . .these pertain to key events and points in my life that, any other song, couldn’t match [or rather, fit] right. Now, don’t get me wrong. . .I have a plethora of songs to choose from, and I wanted to make something up for now, here, in this moment, in that which I am feeling. Brief images, clips and bits, of my life and feelings that are sloshing around within. You have everything: anger, hate, love, loss, life, death. . .all in one hour and fifty-seven minutes of musical greatness. Well, I am sure some can attest to that, or rebuke it, either way, it’s my list and this is my place dammit.
You may wonder, why exactly, the roller coaster? Why make a list that has a lot of ups and downs [if applicable] and have something that reminds you of something. . .either good or bad?
Well, I am sentimental. . .for one. I can pick things out from a memory and pinpoint them to a T. For me though, everything is entwined with one another, the good and the bad. I used to have a bad outlook on things. In my youth, I harbored a lot of emotions, memories, and things that were really bad for me. . .stuff that held me back from reaching my full potential. Now granted, I am not anywhere near my full potential [I haven’t reached Super Saiyan status yet. . .] but hey, I am working on it. Thus, why I write, why I share my feelings, why I don’t get angry with little things, or hold grudges against the most ridiculous of things. I am a human being: a person, I think, I feel, I love, I make mistakes. I am not normal, nor perfect, nor do I claim to be superior than others. I am. . .simply me. I want what’s best for my family, my friends, those around me, and myself. If helping the world, in some shape or form, is by sharing a simple playlist, and writing about my experiences. . .and sharing them. . .so be it. I love helping folks out, and well. . .if this is something that works for us all, great. I’ll keep at it.
Number two, while the songs have their own meaning. . .I can align them to my own. Some may not. . .line up. . .perfectly so to say. This kind of circles back to it being just a personal unique selection to me, for me. It may not make any sense to you, but it can be perfect in description to me. I suppose, you could apply “Different strokes for different folks,” here [Thanks Sly and the Family Stone – Everyday People. You could also use other quotes, etc. but I think you get the gist.
While I could link all the videos to match up the songs on this playlist. . .I am going to leave that up to folks that are interested. I suppose, I could make a YouTube playlist and share that. . . I’ll get to it. Right now, I have stories to write, and am trying to get one released this year, with a follow-up on its six.
In the meantime, I will be writing, sharing, editing, and posting all that I can be. I will say that I will be posting more videos soon. I will be changing ISPs, and will also be changing video recording software. Also. . .if anyone is reading this. . .please direct me to a free version of Photoshop, or similar program. I have some things I’d like to get back in to doing.
Ah, speaking of which. . .I did do some doodling today. Fun times.
Anyway, until next time! No, the next post will not be labeled as Music That Inspires You, just Musical Inspiration. Also, there will be videos next time too.

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