Updates Aren't The Only Thing Coming This Valentine's Day Weekend

Greetings everyone!
I trust everyone is having a pretty good weekend? I hope so.
Friday night’s Deadpool shenanigans showing was fantastic. Good job. Awesome show. I wasn’t disappointed, and we all had plenty of laughs. It was also frigidly cold on our bits, but thankfully, we had heat. So our bits stayed warm and snug.
I’ll be posting some shiny updates for everyone tonight.
Even though not everyone voices their opinion on my posts (whether it’s because they’re shy, intimidated, or whatever reason) that’s OK. Even if I was told to “Stop. Your writing is garbage, etc.” (which I have been told before, ha!) Well, to those I’d say, “please, elaborate.”
You see, that’s not constructive criticism, at all. So. . .elaborate. Instead of being a troll (and no one likes Internet trolls. Sure we can all have a laugh, but being a keyboard warrior is hardly something to be proud of).
It’s something a lot of writers endure and have to go through. I’ve had my fair share, and honestly, I just laugh. It never gets below the surface, because I don’t care how my writing is done. I tell the story as it is. I don’t like sugar coating. I know, I know, there are proper styles, methods, guidelines, etc. However, I like to break the rules, push the boundaries, and not give a lot of fluff.
I encourage folks to push the envelope as well. We’re evolving: technology, fundamentals, music, and people. . .ourselves.
Take criticism in stride, and don’t let it break you down. If anything, analyze it, interpret it, and apply it. That doesn’t necessarily mean follow it, just acknowledge it.
So, what next? Well, I’m making dinner. . .chicken and sausage in fact, with some angel hair pasta. Cooking will be first. Next up will be preparing the updates, posting, and then enjoying the rest of the night.
So, I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s day, complete with beating heart candy messages. 😉

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