I Know You

I know you
I know you have had a rough time
I know you have experienced life’s crime
I know you have felt pain
I know you feel like you’ve lost everything you’ve gained
I know you hate yourself
I know if you had it your way, you’d end it. . .myself
I know you are suffering. . .struggling. . .trying to stay afloat
I know you think you are alone in this, life’s boat
I know you have loved, and lost
I know you believe you have spent everything, no matter at what cost
I am here to tell you
I know you. . .
You know me. . .
You know I have endured many hardships, and atrocities
You know I am barely getting by, haunted by all my mind’s monstrosities
You know we share the pain we’ve dealt, and self-inflicted
You know that there are often times where we wish we were dead
You know we swim upstream through the relentless current that holds us back
You know we are more than just a hack
You know our life hasn’t been the greatest. . .but it is ours to cherish, even through the horrible experiences
You know that there are others out there, those who have it worse
You know you have to be strong, to help those carry on
You know me. . .
You know me, and I know you
[I know you, and you know me]
For we are one and the same
Ever changing, you and I

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