Goodbye Isn't Forever. . .

To Vitas, rest in peace, baby boy.
I remember when we first got you, or rather, when you got us. We took you home, a ball of fur on our laps.
You were such a bolt of energy. . .and boy, did your shit steam when you went outside in the snow for the first time.
I remember how happy it was for us all, when we came home after the hospital. To see you, to have our family anew.
Our first road trip, it didn’t go so well. You did a lot, but mostly a number two in the house, until we got home.
You radiated with brilliance, much like the sun, golden, full of love, and such sweetness.
You spooned with Shooter, and we deemed it then, so what if you were a fairy? You were our baby boy.
You grayed and got old, wise, and could clear a room. Yeah, you were our baby boy alright.
Here it had been, ten years in all, and we couldn’t have been happier. You were our baby boy, and will always be.
Please wait, watch over us, and protect us. If you want, come back and play round two.
You’ll always be more than just V. . . Vitas. . .you’ll always be our baby boy.
Goodbye isn’t forever, it is only for now. Until we meet again. . .so long, baby boy.

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