Out For the Night. . .but Here's What's Coming Up!

So I have another entry for The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God lined up, but it’s gonna be a little bit. I’ll have it up tomorrow.
I also have some other fun stories lined up, but it’s going to take some time. . .naturally.
Some things that are lined up are more regarding Dana and Walter, from my Middleton Files series, plus the debut novel, Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle, which will be due out this year. You’ll all know when…trust me. 😉
There is also some new off the wall kinds of projects, which involve dabbling in comics, superheroes, and that sort. Hell, there will even be a romantic comedy!
There will be new horror stories, even an origins story for a certain doll. It’ll be my take on it anyways.
As I said, I have a lot of plans and a lot in store for everyone.
Until next post. See you all soon!
— Rob aka Sin

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