What's Playing. . .Right Now.

So, as I am finishing up on some drabbles, ditties, outlines, and other projects. My iTunes playlist is currently playing through my WPvP list. . .or playlist that I like to have running while I slay Alliance folks on World of Warcraft (WoW).
Sometimes, more often than not, it carries over to my workload, and by that I mean I never click on my other playlist for working. . .which ranges from any assorted great song within my musical library. Typically, I’ll have ambient, jazz, classic rock, metal, anything really—playing. More often than not, you’ll at least hear Morphine playing. My wife knows, because it’s probably one of the most played bands in the household. . .and car.
Truth be told, it never gets old, music has no age. . .no expiration date. . .no best by date. It just is.
Well, right now, as I said, I have my playlist carrying over from my gaming moments. Albeit, I quit gaming for the night some hours ago and have been focusing on other matters, as previously stated. Gallowbraid’s Oaken Halls of Sorrow has been playing. . .throughout the entirety of this post, thus far. It’s a lengthy one, and has even been featured as part of one of the Music That Inspires You posts. It’s just too good to pass up, and is such a badass of a song.
The lyrics, the sound, hell. . .I like the length of it. Most great songs are pretty long, and well, this is a great song.
It gets me in a mood, and I like it. It gives me that nudge. . .that little nagging bit of inspiration. A whole 11:21 worth! I realize that black metal isn’t for everyone, but honestly, if you give it a chance, and you can hold out. . .maybe give it a few playbacks. . .you may just be hooked.
Anyway, it’s time for this bear to slumber. . .so check ya later.

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