Shocking! Revolting! Exciting!

Good Morning, and Happy Thursday to all. I hope the week is treating you well, and if it’s not, grab it’s nipples and twist.
So, I was looking for a new game recording service, since this one I’ve been using within AMD is causing my videos to get choppy. Whether or not it was impacted via my internet connection is hard to tell, since apparently there was a lot of problems with the lines around here, and it was OK before I left. . .and after I got back. I dunno.
Anyway, I will be trying out the new one [which I am currently recording with] once these sessions are up on here. So if it’s appearing choppy in places, or skips, it’s not you. . .it’s something on my end, and I apologize.
I thought I’d share a little something extra for you all, and hope you enjoy it. I’ll also start throwing up some Diablo 3 videos, which include my current character. . .really tough to guess. . .Witch Doctor [or as Laylou calls them, “Dick Doctors.”].
One more day until Friday! Enjoy the day!

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