What Are You Doing?

Well, I didn’t sleep great but that’s typical fashion. It happens a lot, and well. . .you get used to it.
Anyway, I have a few things I am working on currently. I will be sharing a story broken up in to chapters so it’s not a massive overload.
[If people read it that is, which is great. However, I do it not only for the sake of it, but I also do it for own accountability.]
I am also doing a few outlines, some that are a new direction for me to take, while others. . .not so much different. Typically, I like to do Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and pretty much encompass all of that—and then some.
I love writing. It fuels me, and also gives me that little nudge that maybe some folks out there will like what I write.
[Which is a great feeling.]
So I will be juggling projects, and will be aiming to complete some others. I am currently waiting on a book cover design to get back to me, so I can start finalizing its release. . .but I may have to find another to take the gig if I do not hear back soon. Hiccups. They happen. . .as such as anything in life that happens erratically and unpredictable.
I hope folks enjoy what’s coming, and to those that don’t know yet, or who are worried about getting their feet wet with me, don’t worry. . .you’ll be entertained. 😉
Everyone. . .take it easy, and enjoy your Sunday.

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