A Whole Lot of Kaboom!

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“What!? He did this?! Sin bellowed.
Rubricon laughed in retaliation. “Yes, yes, he did. You see, I thought of the plotting to beat you senseless. . . maybe to an inch of your life, or along those lines. Hell, I am more than capable. However, I believe in—”
In an instant, Sin destroyed Rubricon. . .again. Shortly thereafter, Rubricon reformed, getting irritated with his. . .friend.
“Would you stop—” Again, Rubricon was interrupted by being blown up. . .again.
Several moments passed with Sin destroying Rubricon repetitively. Eventually, The Mighty Bear God grew tired fo destroying the would-be rabbit-man.
“Are you done?” Rubricon inquired.
Sin sighed. “I thought out of all those ways of killing you, doing the same to the Black Council members.” His eyes fell to the scarred Wasteland. “It won’t bring them back, though. I guess it was fun. . .to an extent. . .for me.”
Rubricon sighed at the Bear God. “Would you listen to me? They’re alive. Alive. Both of them. Granted, I don’t know really about Helk, but I am certain of Dante.”
Sin looked up at Rubricon. “If what you say is true, then where do I have to go?”
“That’s. . .where it gets tricky, I’m afraid. It’s a chain quest. . .a long one. . .and you’ll have to gain a certain amount of reputation [and have exalted standing] with the Brotherhood of Aluminum. Then. . .we’ll have to travel to Mount Schmoo, cast the Nuclear Bomb of Damnation into it, and then. . .” Rubricon paced, telling the elaborate. . .quest of all quests to The Mighty Bear God.
Sin yawned and sat down. “This is going to be very, very, very long. . .isn’t it?”
Rubricon nodded while The Maker reaffirmed it via telepathy.
The Mighty Bear God sighed again. “Fuck. My. Life.”
The next day, Rubricon ventured with the flock, The Mighty Bear God, and Ben. Ben eyed him, studying him. . .
He came to the Bear God, voicing his distrust of the newfound companion.
“He’s fine, Ben.” Sin growled.
“Yeah, you say that now, but. . .”
Sin stopped walking and looked to Ben. “Look, if I say he’s fine, he’s fine. After all, you’re traveling with me, and you’ve already voiced your. . .agenda. . .to me.”
Ben looked down at the ground, then around the area. “I—I, uh, yeah. I see your point.”
“Good. Then it’s settled. He travels with us, no questions asked. If there’s a problem, you answer to me. Got it? That goes for all of you.”
The flock didn’t care anyway. . .especially, the new dame who already was eyeing him all over. Ben nodded in agreement, and with that, they all started to set off.
Ben lagged behind the group though to. . .collect his thoughts, or so he said.
“I’ll have to keep my distance. . .and go along with this. . .course of action. . .for now. Unless I get the right moment, and then I’ll take the moment and seize the opportunity to end you. . .and your ‘friend.’ Then. . .then I shall have my revenge. Then I will be the Wasteland God, and all will bow before me!”
“That’s cute and all, Ben, but will you shut the hell up and hurry up? We’ve got a pack of Super Mutants that need killing,” Sin yelled back.
“Ooh goody,” Ben rubbed his claws together, and shouted, “coming!”
Ben curled up into a ball and rolled towards the mass of Super Mutants, where yelling and explosions were heard.
In the alleyway, there laid a shadow in wait. Its color-changing eyes fluctuated from yellow to orange to red.
“Yes, pit one another against the other. You’ll destroy each other until the three of you remain. Then I’ll destroy you, Bear God, and I shall take your mantle away. For now, I’ll exploit your precious pet, and have you destroyed from the inside out.”
The shade slinked away back into the alleyway and retreated into the darkness from whence it came, and stray missiles struck where it once stood.
Assholes. . .the whole lot of them! I’ll get them. . .oh yes.


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