Bad News, Bear God

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It’s day 48. . .or something. Honestly, everything seems like a blur nowadays.
I’ve been told that someone is looking for me. Of course, when I question as to who, I’m told “you’ll see,” or “you already know them,” or some other poor excuse.
I have my hunches, albeit, it’s not too surprising. We do go way back, and truth be told, we were once friends. I wager he’s out for revenge still, in the fact that I turned him into a rabbit. However, he should’ve not put his nose where it didn’t belong.
The reasoning for the spell book, was to preserve my. . .wife. She was with child, and truth be told, I was ecstatic. However, it was forbidden for a Warlock to love a Druid. It meant certain doom for not only ourselves but for our child.
So, I tasked it upon myself to sneak in the Black Council’s hideaway, steal the tome, cast spells upon us, and warp us far away. We would then live out our lives in peace, raise our child. . .but it didn’t happen.
The council found out, and began their hunt for us. Rubricon had caught wind of this and tried to warn me. I didn’t want him to interfere. It was my price to pay, not his. I put the spell on him, which cursed him an eternity of being a ridiculous rabbit-humanoid. I had hoped he would be smart enough to at least leave me and warn the others, but he was too furious with me.
As a result, I was captured, my powers stripped, and I was left as a beast. . .forever to be frozen in time. That is until the fallout happened. I don’t know what became of them, and often times. . .it pains me to care. For I know I cannot change the past, even if I am blessed by The Maker.
Whatever he may harbor, I still think he should have a proper reasoning. . .despite our past differences.
[Begin holotape playback.]
“I’ve found you, at last.” Said the familiar voice.
“It took you long enough. Come to finish our bout, hmm, Rubricon?”
Rubricon sighed, “No, I’ve given up on that.” He stared with a bleak expression at The Mighty Bear God. “I want to tell you about Helk. . .and Dante.”
The Might Bear God’s eyes widened. “What do you mean?”
“Dante. . .is your son, Sin. He. . .he lives, as does Helk.” Rubricon braced himself.
“I. . .I have a son? They’re both alive?” The Mighty Bear God sat down, his eyes searching for something to make sense of it all.
“There’s another thing. . . Dante. . .is rumored to be the Anti-Bear God.” Rubricon still braced for the reaction he expected.
The Bear God did not move. Maybe The Maker was wrong?
In a swift motion, one unseen to the eye, it happened. All he saw was a kaleidoscope of black and blue, and felt an immense force meet the side of his head. Rubricon was sent tumbling across the Wasteland, with several of his limbs broken.
“I do not need your mind games, Rubricon!” The Mighty Bear God roared. “They’re gone! They died in the past, and that’s where they will remain!”
Rubricon attempted to sit up, but his back was broken in several places. He gasped frantically, trying to fill his lungs, but it was no use. He was battered and broken.
He could feel the thunderous stomping of the Bear God. He knew the end was coming, regardless of what The Maker had said.
“You came searching for me? You sought out your end? Well, old friend, you’ve found it!” The Mighty Bear God bellowed as he approached Rubricon.
“Sin. . .” Rubricon coughed, the blood fast filling his mouth and throat. “I. . .am. . .not lying. You. . .call me friend, and yet. . .this. . .this is what you’ve done to me. If anyone should be mad, it’s. . .me. But here I am. . .coming to you. . .and trying. . .to reason with you. She was my sister. How. . .do you think. . .I feel?”
The Mighty Bear God lifted Rubricon up off the ground by his ears, causing them to crunch in his paw. All attempts of reasoning and being rational with Sin were gone. He only saw red now, and the first thing in sight to destroy. . .was in his paws. Sin held the broken being close to his face. The warmth of his breath smothered Rubricon’s swollen face. His eyes raged in a hellish inferno. There was no more sanity left.
“Die,” he growled.
Specks of saliva and drool splattered against Rubricon’s face, as he clenched his eyes shut for what was to come. With immense finesse, The Mighty Bear God hurled Rubricon high into the air.  He held up his paw, arm outstretched, and focused all of his energy. . .and then squeezed it shut. Rubricon made a sound. . .before he burst into a cloud of ash—scattering to the four winds.
After several moments, and the realization of what he had done, The Mighty Bear God dropped to his knees. As tears rolled down his furry face, he began smashing the ground with his mighty paws. The ground shook violently, more and more due to the frantic tantrum. Buildings that still stood, began to fall. Crevices and crevasses formed. . .the ground began to swallow the surface.
“I will destroy this world! I’ll do it the favor it needs!” The Mighty Bear God bellowed.
A voice came from behind the Bear God. “Or you can listen to me. . .and do something about it, instead of being an emo fur baby.”
Sin turned around and looked upon the newly formed Rubricon that levitated before him. “How? I killed you!”
Rubricon smiled. “You’re not the only one with plot armor, and to know The Maker. Truth be told, no one knows what it’s like to be the messenger who gets their ass rocked.”

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