Some Fallout 4 Fun

Like many other folks out there. . .I like to blow things up. I also like gaming. A lot. Combine these things together and you get. . .TODAY!
Granted, some folks will say they prefer Battlefield, Call of Duty, Halo, whatever FPS or First Person Shooter. That’s fine and dandy. . . I like RPGs [Role-Playing Games] and MMORPGs [Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Game]. I kind of has always that way too. Don’t get me wrong, I do love playing a good shooter here and there, or a driving simulator, or action game. . .but I just like the good story driven RPGs, both past and present, and looking forward to future titles.
One of my favorites is the Fallout series. I love it for not just the post-apocalyptic theme, but the survival aspect, the story as to why the world has gone to complete and utter shit. The fun new man-made toys, power armor, the skills, talents [perks], etc. I mean, I could go on. . .
Fallout 4, to some may be an overrated title because it looks shiny and whatnot. That’s OK, that’s your take on it. I just like that you can build—it’s an awesome addition that really doesn’t take away from the game itself. It does have an in-depth story, an overarching story, and several other stories that take place. . .and also the realization that Vault-Tec was a pretty malevolent corporation. . .but without the vaults, there’d be no more mankind. Oh, that double-edged sword.
Well, I thought I’d share some fun clips in my times.

Don’t do drugs. . .unless you can cure the additions!


I lost my arms! Medic!

So, there you have it. I have some other clips, but they’re probably not. . .very suited. Plus, some folks would probably get offended, and well. . .I don’t have enough aloe vera for the burns of that many spurned assholes.
I hope you enjoyed it! If not, well. . .that’s OK too! Keep up with the pew pewing! Game on!

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