There's Enough Road but not Enough House

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Ben tossed Raiders, Gunners, Super Mutants, and more about the city square.
Others fought one another, persistent in their hatred for each other, and the lack of love for The Mighty Bear God.
The magnificent beast hurled bodies left and right, squashing any that dared try to attack him. It was certain, that today would be the first and last day of any supposed alliance of the Wasteland denizens.
“I’m sick of you scum, thinking you own the whole damn place! The only thing you own is my foot up your ass sideways!” A Gunner yelled while planting his big black boot square up a Raider’s rear end.
“You’re nothing but walking sex bots! Get on your knees! Bow and service your masters!” A Raider cut off limbs of a Synth and forced it down; attempting to force himself upon it.
A mechanical robotic voice came from the Synth. “Your actions are illogical. Your fleshly needs mean nothing to me. Your methods of reproduction and preservation is obsolete. You will now be destroyed.”
Shortly after the warning, there was an explosion, and the Raider, the Gunner, and the Synth were obliterated. Well, at least to chunks.
Elsewhere on the street, Super Mutant suicide squads made quick efforts to blow up as many enemies as possible. They were quite efficient at it too, despite the amount of Gunners and Raiders.
“Puny humans! Only good for going boom!” A Super Mutant hurled an overly explosive strapped Raider into a crowd of other Raiders. “Go be with your kind, human! Go boom!”
People attempted to flee but it was all for naught. The explosion created a small crater, a makeshift bowl almost, that held the bloody remains that sloshed about.
“Yeah! Boom! More boom!” The Super Mutant hurled another person into the fray.
“Enough!” The Mighty Bear God swiftly intercepted the poor sap, disarmed the explosives, and set them down.
“Thank you. Thank you so much!” The now-feed Raider shouted as it set off running full force.
Unfortunately, they didn’t make it far, as a Gunner shot then dead in the head.
“You lack discipline, and do not know your place!” The Bear God snorted. “Allow me to show you where your place is!”
In a single leap, the mighty bear was high on the air, and soon fell just as fast with tremendous speed. He burned brilliantly in the fast setting day, blending the yellow, orange, and red of the evening sky. His paw was bright with the burning passion of justice.
“Hammer of the Reckoning!”
The crowd of assorted foes was vaporized. If not, they were left as a bloody stain upon the street.
Ben watched on, in awe, and also in fear. For he realized that the Bear God, was truly as he was rumored to be. He could tell though, that there was more to the battle hardened beast. Things were about to take a turn for change [for the better].
Albeit, his bloodlust was not quite sated. . .so biting the head off of a Gunner would have to suffice.

The two Deathclaws watched on in horror, yet, in awe at the display of power.
“He is truly the one of legend.”
“Yes,” one nodded, “and we would be best to stay hidden. Let us dine after our. . .gracious host leaves.
Slowly, the two made their way to entrance way to the subway; their mouths salivating at the gory remnants.

“Ben, clear up any stragglers. I’m going back to my drink. Join me when you’re done.” The Mighty Bear God slowly made his way back to the bar and drink.
“Of course,” Ben nodded.
As the mighty beast was out of earshot, and sight, Ben had come to the conclusion. “Let us see what adventures we may have. For if I am to grow, I see now I will come to more understanding under your tutelage. . .Master. However, if the moment presents itself, I will take your power and ascend!”
The Mirelurk snickered and smiled to itself, throwing aside a few carcasses and making his way to the bar to join the Bear God.

As the two mighty warriors drank, the Deathclaws made their way out and stole from the bloody mess, and then quickly retreated.
“Run, you fool!” One clamored as it hoarded a heaping helping before disappearing into the subway system.
The Mighty Bear God had already noted the intrusion, but waited. “Don’t think I didn’t see you, or hear you. Now, you pay the price for your cowardice.”
Underground, a couple of low sounding ‘duds’ were heard. The bar rattled for a few seconds, but settled back to its normal setting.
All was right in the world. For now. . .
[End holotape playback]

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