Earth, Space, and I

It’s been years since I was first introduced to her majesty.
From the first day she has taken care of me.
She held me close and tight in her arms, together we watched the Earth go round.
We watched stars die, and the sun play peak-a-boo with the moon.
I looked back down low to see the same old sound.
As we aged, life below stayed the same, as if time stopped at noon.
Oh how I cried, to see what I had come from, lapse back into the chaos.
It wasn’t supposed to be like this, I had hoped that when I left I would never go home.
She’s pushed me away. “You’re needed,” she says.
“I will miss you,” I murmur back.
As the emptiness drifts on, I feel an old flame’s hand reach up and hold me close.
“It shall be as it was meant to be,” Earth whispers to mine ear.
“It is so good to see you. I am sorry it has been far too long,” I sniffle with a tear.
The time has come, to at last be found.
No more secrets, no more hiding, let them hear the sound.
I am home, I am back.
From what I saw, and that I know, I’d hope they can all get back on track.
As the journey ends, I am greeted now by Father.
He who knows me best, for Death is no stranger.
Lest as it was told, it will begin again, as it always has and will.
The circle complete, several generations wonder who?
Now my legacy can see what her majesty, Space, meant to me.

Another Cosmonaut themed ditty that was penned years ago. It was made on a whim, and more so was the telling of how a Cosmonaut fell in love with Space, the majesty that encompasses us all. Whereas, he loved his home, Earth, and what it was, but cared not for the politics, war, famine, strife, and death that plagued it.
He spent many years, dead, of course, and his corpse traversed the cosmos; and it was very apparent that when he came to crash land back on Earth, it was more or less. . .the same. History repeats, in some way, shape, or form. That even several generations later, the same things plagued his first love, and how he knew, that one day that they’d plague his love of Space.

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