The End of One Legend, The Beginning of Another

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The Mighty Bear God stepped forth to challenge the Dancemancer, known as Jahn Trabolta. “Well, I guess I will then. . .”
Trabolta grinned. “I hope you brought a change of underwear, kid. You’re gonna be shitting yourself real soon.”
[click-click clack CLACK] Ben scuttled before the Bear God, insisting he could hold his own.
The Bear God knelt down next to his Mirelurk companion. “Uh, I dunno there little guy. Are you really sure you’d wanna go through with this? I could just smite him and be done with it.”
[clackkitty click-click] The hatchling fiercely snapped its pincers.
“Alright then. Go get ’em, Ben!” Sin patted the spunky little hatchling, sending it off in high spirits.
“Oh. . .uh. . .OK? So. . .you’re really going to go ahead with this?” Trabolta inquired.
The Bear God shrugged, “he insists, so I’m not gonna stop him.”
The Dancemancer clasped his hands together. “Very well then! I will not go easy on you, little creature! BE WARNED! You dance-off with the living legend!”
[Click clack]
“What was that?” Trabolta asked.
“‘Fuck off.’ I think.” The Mighty Bear God replied.
“Hmph.” Trabolota stretched his arms high to the ceiling, signaling the disco ball start its rotation.
All around them music began to play; a beat that signaled the end of someone’s life today.
Trabolta went first, showing off his pizzazz, dexterity, and exactly why he was known as the Dancemancer. Upon finishing his set, he turned the floor over to Ben, the mighty little hatchling that could.
Ben at first scuttled; going up, down, up, down, left, right, left right, and snapping his pincers alternatively, then simultaneously. He began to glow in a golden fashion, then turned into a kaleidoscope of pure light. He whizzed about on the dance floor with great speed. He turned about and shook his Mirelurk rear at the Dancemancer, and then backed it up, before grinding it against his opponent’s leg. Trabolta, clearly disgusted, was hesitant on giving a swift kick but held back. To finish off the battle, the hatchling spun on its back wildly, before coming to a stop—where Ben laid on his side.
The flock erupted with cheers. The Mighty Bear God wiped away a tear of joy at the awesomeness that had taken place before him.
Trabolta clapped at his opponent’s display of power. “Impressive. Most impressive. However, you haven’t seen my walk. . .”
He then took to the floor again, doing his strut as if he was dropped in a cityscape. Ben wasn’t going to be outdone by a has-been. He ventured out and walked toe to toe with the man, the legend, that was Jahn Trabolta.
Soon enough, after their dance-off was done, Trabolta was wheezing and sweating bullets. He knew he had one last trick up his sleeve. . .
“Final round! Sudden. . .death!” He bellowed.
The music changed to a fast pace, ushering in the combat of the two challengers for their lives.
A voice boomed in the room. “FIGHT!”
In a flurry, Trabolta charged Ben head on.
“Go for the eyes, Ben! THE EYES!” The Mighty Bear God cheered.
Ben held his ground, not afraid of the outcome if he were to lose.
In a fluid motion, Trabolta gave Ben a swift kick that launched him high, and straight for the vat of acid pool that encircled them all on the platform.
“No, Ben!” The Mighty Bear God yelled.
A light *bloop* was heard and it was over. . .
Trabolta did a moonwalk to the center of the platform and cheered at himself before doing a spin and grabbing his crotch. “Always a winner! You can’t touch this!”
The Mighty Bear God stared on. Anger began to build. However, it would not be him commencing the following reckoning.
From the acid pool, there emerged the same light as when Ben had first started his dance set. He levitated out of the pool and hovered, fixating his gaze upon Trabolta.
A small pipsqueak voice came from the small crustacean, followed by a series of furious snaps of his pincers. “I’m going to fuck you up!”
The ominous voice boomed again. “FINISH HIM!”
In an instant, the radiantly glowing Ben struck at the confused Jahn Trabolta, sending him to the vat of acid.
“Flawless victory. Fatality! Ben wins!” The loud voice echoed the conclusion of the bout.
Ben stood at the center of the platform, snapping his pincers.
Just then, a strange light came from the vat of acid. It hovered above Ben, and then enveloped itself around him. Slowly, Ben changed from the small fry he once was to a large-sized Mirelurk [comparable to a Mirelurk Hunter].
“Such. . .delicious power!” He commented as the last of the energy filled him wholly, leaving a small glimmer of a grin.
The Mighty Bear God hurried over to his crustacean companion. “Ben, that was great! Where did you learn to do all that? And you can talk!?”
“I don’t know entirely but it just sort of came naturally.” Ben shrugged. “I guess so. Well, at least now everyone can understand me, ha.” He rubbed his head in awkwardness.
“Whatever the case may be, you’re now the Dancemancer! I really didn’t think  you had it in ya, little buddy.” The Bear God eyed his herald. “Ah, well, I guess you’re not so little anymore.”
“Ah, well, shucks. . .thanks, Dad.” Ben continued with the awkward moment.
“Yeah—no, you can stop that. . .I am not having bastard children, let alone going to pay for child support.” The Mighty Bear God turned around and began walking away. “Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope—” his voice trailed off, leaving Ben alone in the room.
A change in his demeanor came over him. “Don’t you worry. . . For once I have enough power, I will wreck you. I will wreck this land—no, this world! ALL WILL BOW BEFORE THE MIGHT THAT IS C’TH—”
“BEN! SHUT UP AND LET’S GO!” The Bear God yelled from down the corridor.

[End Holotape]

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