It’s what drives us insane

The emotional and physical receptors

All that the body takes in

To some, it is a daily specter

From a cut, to the loss of love

An argumentative bout, to that of a punch with a clenched glove

Tis an incurable disease, one that can tease

However, there is a final solution, one that can solve the pollution

Shake its hand, and make the stand

Steady your hand, and drive the blade deep

Let everything spill, soon there will be nothing left to keep

You can feel the all hurt, and loss leave.

As you’re welcomed by the others before you.

Make room, for the others that will soon join too.

What you gave up

When your heart stopped

Was what tried to help you

Though pain was as two faced and cruel

It helped too, as you’ve lost the duel

The cycle will repeat, as you’ve only added fuel.

To the fire.

It will spread and consume.

To the far reaches of those who tire.

Of the pain, your new tomb

When there is a cure

We may yet be pure

Until then, all we know is pain

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