A Cure for Pain

I have this urge

It courses through out my body

No matter how hard I try to purge

It takes hold and drives me to insanity

Fear, anger, hate, death

They swell deep within

I dare not mention

To kill, to have a will. . .

To have power over another

Why one would bother

It’s only a matter of time

Perhaps. . .near the end of my prime

And so it has come to pass

With the courage I have amassed

I grab hold, vise grip

The knife, I dare not let slip

I make a smile from ear to ear

The warm red blood runs and pours over my hand

I shed not a single tear, for this was my stand

For now it has subsided

The urge

The cure all along was to abide

To purge

Fear, anger, hate, death

It was all my own

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