Music That Inspires You

We all have something that gives us inspiration. It can be anything, anyone. . . Such as music, a book, a quote, a person, a higher power, food, alcohol, whatever. This series will be about some music that inspires me, in some shape, or form.
Those that really know me, know what band I’d list number one, hands down. . .for personal reasons. However, that’s besides the point, and it will come to pass in due time. Plus, seeing as I have already have a dedication for that particular band, it’s best not to just jump the gun.

This will be a five song / artist at a time kinda deal.

1. DyE
Starting off, one of my favorites. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

DyE is an interesting deal. This very video is all sorts of fubar, but that’s not what I am going for. I dig the sound. It’s just simple enough to relax to. Fantasy is an awesome tune all on its own.

2. Modest Mouse

Another timeless classic from the one and only, Modest Mouse. I’ve listened to them for years, and I haven’t found much that I don’t like by them. Float On hits home for me though, seeing as I was going through a very rough time in my life when this little ditty came out. Well, needless to say, it helped save me from doing stupid things.

3. Rammstein

OK, I think everyone [most, anyways. . .] know Rammstein, and they love them. If you don’t, then you should probably hop online.
I personally love their album, Mutter more than any others [Sehnsucht is a close second]. You can listen to it over and over. Aside from that, you get to learn German!
Video searching. . .there wasn’t a whole lot to go on, so it’s either this, or watching Scar from The Lion King. Deal with it.

4. Bee Gees

The mother trucking Bee Gees. Pretty self-explanatory here.
If I really have to explain myself here, it’s about Disco; explicitly the bass [albeit, everything in this is just fantastic, and. . .it’s the Bee Gees].
Again, stuff it. It’s number four.

5. Death Cab for Cutie

Ah, DCFC, or Death Cab for Cutie. Where do I begin? There’s not much by them I haven’t listen to [Codes and Keys, perhaps, but I still give it a go], and they’re fantastic live.
I love pianos, I love bass, and I love them drums. I am a sucker for this track. I know a lot don’t like the long intro, but really, it does make it a greater track with it. If you don’t fancy it, get the shorter one.

Alright, kiddies, that about wraps it up for this first music journey together. Check back every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for more.
If there’s one that you love balls to the wall, and want to share it, leave a comment!

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